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Custom Sunroom Designs to Fit Your Home

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful outdoor space where you can relax with your drink of choice regardless of weather conditions. A custom sunroom lets you take in the outdoors without having to worry about constantly cleaning patio furniture or being bothered by insects.

Whatever shape all weather sunroom you desire, we can help you build it. For more than 15 years we’ve helped residents around Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia develop personalized outdoor spaces like sunrooms and we’d love to do the same for you.

Let our experienced team help you design and create a comfortable, beautiful sunroom for your home.

A Functional, Attractive Investment for Your Home

For those who love nature the sunroom expands the functional living space, merging the best of in-home comfort with the outdoors. Our sunrooms provide a number of benefits beyond giving you a weather-proofed place to relax.

Here are some of the leading benefits of a custom built sunroom:

  • A long-term investment with extra living space and extra property value
  • Added aesthetic appeal to your home or transform to a greenroom
  • Added openness and visibility
  • More cost effective than other additions
  • An excellent space for healthy living and in-home workouts

4 Simple Steps to Enhancing your Living Space with a Sunroom

While the sunroom we design and build for you will be unique, our team sticks to a uniform process to ensure your new living space is completed to your satisfaction.


1. Our first connection

We’ll meet and get to know you and your home, so we understand your goals, needs, plans, the materials you want, and what you envision. We’ll guide you through everything, including picking materials and hardware, to bring your dream to life and create an accurate estimate.

designing 1

2. Designing your sunroom

We put all your information together to design what we feel is the ideal sunroom addition. We even present a 3D model of your new sunroom so you can see your vision and design come to life before any action is taken


3. It’s time to make magic happen

With the design confirmed we set the date and get to work. Our experienced, bonded, and insured build team arrives at your home to break ground and start turning your vision into a reality. Each crew works around your schedule and takes every precaution to minimize interruptions in your home.


4. Wrapping Up

We’re big on communication and encourage homeowners to check in beyond our usual updates. Once your new sunroom is finished the crew will leave the workspace cleaner than when we arrived.

Remember; your satisfaction is important to us. Your custom sunroom isn’t complete until we know you’re happy with the work.

The Best Materials are Key to a Comfortable Sunroom

With a functional addition like a sunroom there are some tough hardware and materials choices to make. If you’re not sure where to begin we can help you choose the best approach to match your vision as well as your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

The estimate is absolutely free and we’ll provide all the info to help you make an informed decision

Virtually every project needs a permit, but you don’t need to get it. We obtain the appropriate permits before starting any job.

Price changes are very rare. We stick to our estimates unless you require a change in the design or materials or if we encounter unforeseen problems.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we stand behind all of our work. We also use only the highest quality, locally-sourced materials. In many cases the materials themselves come with guarantees that can vary by manufacturer.

Our team takes care of all necessary cleanup both inside and outside of your new sunroom.

This varies depending on the design and size of your new addition. Including home prep, building the sunroom, and finishing touches it can take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to complete once the work begins.

About Paragon Remodeling

From 2006-2018, Paragon Remodeling, Inc. received national recognition as a Top Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for their outstanding home remodeling and construction services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. We specialize in deck construction, patio building, window replacement, roofing, siding replacement, sunrooms, painting, kitchen remodeling, bathrooms, basement remodeling, additions, and even full-on construction.

When you’re ready to add the sunroom of your dreams, choose Paragon Remodeling

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