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Principles Drive

For over 15 years, Paragon Remodeling has been providing home improvement and remodeling as well as commercial remodeling services in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. We have a goal to ensure that your home becomes the dream space that you’ve been waiting for. If you've got a commercial business that needs to grow with you, we focus on using your space to make your business successful.

We stay true to our reputation of providing unique and professional remodeling services and we remain dedicated to our customers by delivering quality custom craftsmanship. This mission is what has made us the strong player we are today.

Your residence isn't just another house on the block that we added windows to. It's your home, and its your haven from the outside world where you come together with your family to enjoy comfort, warm and safety - not to mention the love of your family. We work to protect that by providing quality and excellence in a field where such things are difficult to define, let alone achieve.

In order to maintain the steady course, we work under eight powerful principals

Experience - We've been in business, serving our local communities longer than most companies and maintain an excellent record that proves our experience. Travel within any neighborhood to find out satisfied customers

Quality Material - We take the time to research every market, and that means keeping up the newest materials and the quality being offered with the latest technology. Thanks to our direct supplier communication, we know what products to work with and which to avoid so that the homes we build are safe.

Quality Builds - All of the installation crews that work with us are required to meet guidelines, state and manufacturer certifications and licensing. They work exclusively for us, but only when they meet our strict approval process.

Competitive Pricing - Unlike other general contractors in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland that subcontract to a variety of sources in order to generate the most profit, we cut out the middle man - that means savings directly to the homeowner.

Amazing Financing Options - With our partial work program and additional financing options, we've made home remodeling in Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland an affordable option for every homeowner

No Hard Sells - We don't need to be pushy, we let our quality speak for itself. We let our clients make their own decision; we simply provide the information they need to do so.

Strong References - We've had tons of satisfied customers and we'll gladly share them with you so you can witness the work that we've done and the smiles that have come as a result of touching lives within our communities.

National Recognition - It's not something we really strive for, but recognition comes when you devote yourself to the people who hire you. We're recognized as one of the top contractors in the nation by Qualified Remodeler Magazine - not because we chose to be, but because our customers chose us to be.

  • northern virginia home remodeling image