4 Benefits of Virginia Window Replacement Projects

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virginia-window-replacementAlthough a Virginia window replacement project requires a hefty investment, this home improvement also delivers significant benefits. Take a look at the advantages new windows will offer your family and feel good knowing your hard-earned cash is well spent on replacement windows.

Benefit # 1 – A More Energy Efficient Home

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of installing replacement windows is an improvement in your home’s energy efficiency. Double-glazed window panes and improved frame design make today’s windows much more airtight. This provides an effective heat barrier and insulator, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature using less energy.

Experts suggest that installing replacement windows will result in energy bills at least 10 percent lower than your current billing levels. Imagine how those savings will add up over the years, insulating your home from rising energy costs as well.

Benefit # 2 – A More Attractive Home

Aging windows present a less than spectacular façade, with peeling frames and dated styling. Newer windows dress up your home from the inside and out, allowing for a cleaner, more finished appearance.

It may seem strange to think that windows can have a noticeable effect on the look of your home, but the texture and brightness of new vinyl windows are unmistakable and easy to spot. Replacement windows also allow greater amounts of light into your home, creating a brighter interior that seems spacious and open.

Benefit # 3 – A Quieter Home

Road noise and the sounds of neighbors can invade your home at any time, eroding the sense of peace that should be present inside those walls. Although new windows can’t provide a complete solution in every circumstance, today’s product designs help to create a much more peaceful atmosphere inside your home.

Block out the sounds of foot and road traffic with double or triple glazed windows. The air space between glass window panes works as an insulator against sound as well as heat. Add some heavy drapes and your interior space will be almost completely insulated from intrusive noises. Enjoy a quieter home with a Virginia window replacement project.

Benefit # 4 – A More Valuable Home

If you are considering a move in the next few years, upgrading your existing windows is a wise idea. Not only will you enjoy cheaper energy bills and a quieter, nicer looking home, that house will also increase in value thanks to those new windows.

Modern windows offer greater security and easier, maintenance-free operation. Consider those benefits along with all of the others mentioned above and you’ll see how this home improvement project can add value. Buyers will look for a house in move-in condition, meaning new windows will make your home more attractive and more likely to capture the full asking price.

On the flip side of that equation, buyers tend to steer clear of homes that require substantial upgrades right away or soon after the purchase. If your windows are dated and worn out any offers to buy will take that into consideration. Most often buyers knock a certain amount off of the asking price, at least equal to the cost of the home improvement. Take care of that upgrade yourself before the home goes up for sale and you won’t need to deal with that issue at all.

A Virginia window replacement project presents homeowners with a wide variety of benefits. From lower energy bills to higher home values, a quieter atmosphere and a better looking facade, this home improvement is well worth the investment.

How to Move Ahead With Virginia Window Replacement For Better Efficiency

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virginia_window_replacementThe cooling season is still in full swing, but the heating season is only months away. It seems our wallets will never get a break. But you can consider Virginia window replacement for better efficiency and look forward to lower utility bills this year – and well into the future.

How Do New Windows Help With Your Heating and Cooling Bills?

Windows make up only 10 percent of your home. But that small, minor area is responsible for between 40 and 50 percent of the heat gained or lost throughout your living space. Replacing those aging, poorly designed windows with newer, built for efficiency windows is a wise move and will reduce that heat lost immensely.

Replacement windows reduce heat loss in a variety of ways. First of all, they are better insulated, which allows for a thicker barrier that is more difficult for heat to pass through. This works both ways – in the winter the heat will stay inside and in the summer the heat will stay outside. Both situations are positive for you.

A Virginia window replacement also means that the latest energy saving features will be put in place. Gases inserted between the double or triple glass panes act as added insulation. Typically argon or krypton is used. Ask the manufacturer about what type of gases have been inserted and what properties they bring to the product.

Coating Covers You

Low E (or low emissivity) coatings are also available in the latest replacement windows. This soft coat process is done at the end of the manufacturing cycle and is designed to keep the hot and potentially damaging rays of the sun out of your house.

This type of coating is not the same as traditional reflective coatings. They could be applied after installation and worked well against radiant heat or direct sunlight. Low E coatings take that protection to another level. You won’t notice the Low E coating and it will not wear off over time. It’s generally applied to the inside of the pane, which is exposed to the gap, not to the elements or scratches and damage from the inside.

What About Shutters?

Many homeowners wonder whether installing shutters on your home is a better way to improve the efficiency levels and maintain a higher level of safety against storm damage. While shutters are highly functional and will help to keep damaging winds and rain out, they do little for the efficiency levels in fair weather. Experts say you are better to have the latest windows installed in order to cut back on heat loss and then install shutters for safety, if that is a major concern.

It’s important that your Virginia window replacement project be handled by professional installers. Be sure that the window is well insulated and sealed all the way around, to maximize the value of this product and create an efficient home. It doesn’t help to have new windows installed poorly, so think carefully and weigh the value professional installation delivers. This may not be the ideal DIY home improvement project for you.

Typical Considerations for Virginia Window Replacement Projects

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virginia_window_replacementInstalling new windows in your home is a wise investment. Not only will you add to the energy efficiency of your living space, but Virginia window replacement projects brighten up your home and increase the value. There are certain considerations every homeowner should keep in mind when planning for this home improvement, which will make for a smoother experience all around.

Design Considerations

There are a wide variety of window designs to choose from in today’s market. You could simply replace the windows in the size and shape they are. Or you could choose a few strategic locations and opt for an expansion. Sliding patio doors in place of windows on the rear wall of your home will transform your living space, while tall thin windows in the stairway can brighten up those dark corners.

Think about the window operation as well. If you have casement windows and would prefer double hung, now is the time to switch over. Transform a fixed window to an operable style or vice versa. Tackling a Virginia window replacement project gives you the chance to install windows with the design that suits your lifestyle.

Construction Considerations

The materials used in the construction of your window will make an enormous difference to the efficiency and fit of the window. Vinyl or composite products deliver the highest levels of efficiency, with aluminum window frames offering a decent level as well. Solid wood window frames are very attractive and traditional. The timber also creates an effective heat loss barrier, although it does require more maintenance over time.

One of the most popular replacement windows on the market today is the composite window frame. These combine the strength and advantages of wood and vinyl to deliver an attractive frame that fits exceptionally well and creates a low maintenance, efficient replacement. With wood on the interior of the window frame this style is appealing to many, while the vinyl clad exterior presents a virtually maintenance free finish that will last for decades.

Shop around for the construction and materials that suit your tastes and home best. Often period or colonial homes look strange with modern window replacements, but with a little planning and the help of a professional window installation contractor every home can be fit with authentic, attractive windows.

Budget Considerations

As with all home improvement projects, budget drives choice. No matter what amount you have to invest in this job, be sure to purchase the best quality you can afford. The windows themselves should be double glazed and include a low E coating for maximum efficiency. Gases such as argon may also come in between the panes to improve the efficiency even more, although this option may bump the budget up too high.

Weigh your priorities and understand which style, design and materials will deliver the greatest value for your home, family and climate. When it comes to Virginia window replacement projects, it pays to take your time, research carefully and choose an experienced contractor that will be able to offer you the advice and skills this type of project requires.

Major Differences Between Virginia Window Replacement Contractors

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virginia_window_replacementUpgrading or replacing your current windows with new, more energy efficient products is a wise move. But the efficiency of your home is not only dependent on the window design, but also on the installation. Having top notch products installed in a shoddy fashion will result in drafts and increased heating and cooling bills, meaning your investment in Virginia window replacement will be all but wasted.
That’s why it is important to choose the very best contractor for the job.

Characteristics of a Good Window Contractor

The installation of today’s windows and doors is a specialized trade. These are valuable products that, once installed properly, will last for years with very little maintenance. Ensuring a proper fit and handling these windows correctly takes training and expertise. The very best replacement window contractors in Virginia have years of experience in the field.

Skilled staff will not only make sure that the windows are installed properly, they’ll start off by ensuring you have chosen the right product. Has your window contractor gone over all of the styles and options available with you? Have you determined whether to invest in triple glazing or discussed the benefits of argon-filled double paned windows? Different styles of frames, opening mechanisms and low E coatings are all something the homeowner needs to be made aware of. And the installers who educate the customer are the most valuable.

There are some contractors that will simply push the brand they carry without offering any other options. This limits your choices and could result in a higher overall price or a lower quality product. Often the contractors will prefer certain brands, but they should be able to offer a variety of manufacturers and allow you to make the final choice.

Timely service and communication should also be expected from your Virginia window replacement contractor. The best firms will be busy, but sufficiently staffed to allow for a reasonable wait time. Window installation can only be done when the weather cooperates and professional contractors will be equipped to handle their orders as well as any schedule changes that occur due to the weather.

What About Price?

So often price is the bottom line. But when you are investigating replacement windows the value and service supplied by the installation contractor should be more important to you than price. It’s wise to obtain a few different quotations for your project, in order to compare the overall cost. But be aware that some firms will bid low to sign the contract, only to end up charging more and leaving the jobsite with lousy work done.

Look for a window installation contractor that offers a fair price, in line with the other companies. Be sure they offer the brand of windows you are looking for in the sizes and style you need. Ask about whether their staff is experienced and what you can expect for lead time. Often the initial waiting period covers the time to ship your window order in, but find out how long your installation project will take from the order point to completion.

The line of windows that you choose is important to the overall efficiency level of your home. But the Virginia window replacement contractor you hire is also a major factor. Be sure you sign the deal with an experienced company that offers you a selection of windows and a fair price. That way your replacement window project will be well taken care of.