How to Budget for Northern Virginia Additions With Kitchens

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Homeowners considering Northern Virginia additions to expand or redesign their existing kitchens need to budget wisely. More involved than the average home addition, a kitchen renovation/addition requires plumbing, electrical and HVAC features that quickly drive up the budget. Get the most from your new kitchen with a properly planned home addition.

Add to Your Existing Kitchen or Move Your Kitchen Into the Addition?

Renovators have two basic choices:

  1. Put an addition on the existing kitchen, expanding floor space in this room.
  2. Move the kitchen into the addition and redesign the existing kitchen space for another use.

Most people would assume that the second option is more expensive, but that depends on a variety of factors. Can you realistically expand onto the existing kitchen? Find out whether an addition in this area would encroach on your property line, and consider how that addition affects the elevation of your house (or the exterior appearance).

In some homes, an expansion of the existing kitchen involves serious construction – including restructuring the roof line, correcting grading issues, changes to concrete foundation or redesigning the exterior finish. Those projects cost a lot of money, and simply relocating the kitchen into an addition within another area of your home could be cheaper.

If an expansion to your existing kitchen layout requires moving the sink and major appliances, plumbing and electrical charges will also be required. Those additional charges may tip the scales, making it a better budget decision to relocate the entire kitchen into the home addition.

Talk to your contractor about the HVAC system and insist that your new kitchen include proper ventilation. This can be done when an existing kitchen is expanded, but some older home layouts may not provide a feasible solution for adequate kitchen venting.

Adding Natural Light

Make your new kitchen feel even larger by adding windows to Northern Virginia additions. Additional windows, or larger windows, create higher levels of natural light and enhance brightness. Sunlight and the right color choices will help your new kitchen to feel larger and more open, a welcoming atmosphere that’s also conducive to productivity and relaxation.

Sometimes bumping out the wall (small scale home additions) or expanding the space to include a breakfast nook (larger scale home additions) is the only way to add windows. When faced with the choice between more cabinetry or more windows, most homeowners opt for the cabinets. Home additions of any size allow for both options.

Budget for high quality windows with Low-E design and double or triple glazing. These windows may add to the initial budget, but create better insulation and reduce heating and cooling costs, saving money over time.

Choosing an Affordable Contractor

Look for a contractor that handles both home additions and kitchen renovations. This contractor will have the experience and professionalism to create a well-built space that includes the latest in kitchen remodeling. Hiring one contractor to handle both elements of this project should also save you money in the end.

Obtain three quotations for the project, and be sure to ask whether or not the contractor uses subcontractors. Find out about warranty coverage for all of the elements involved. Home additions include roofing, exterior finishes and windows, while kitchen renovation warranties should cover the flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing and electrical.

Budgeting for kitchen renovations that involve Northern Virginia additions takes careful planning, Think about the location of your new kitchen, and how the home addition will best fit into your overall floor plan. Include extra windows and hire a contractor that has experience in both types of renovation. When done correctly, this combination adds substantial value to your home.

Discovering Stone in Your Virginia Kitchen

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kitchen-remodeling-tile-workThe kitchen countertop is the most important part of your kitchen.  While some might argue that the stove, refrigerator or microwave oven is the main priority of a kitchen, they clearly haven’t spent enough thought on their kitchen countertops in Virginia.  The kitchen countertop is important to your Virginia kitchen for the following reasons:  it’s where you prepare the food, it’s where you have your sink to do dishes or clean the food, and it can also function as a place to eat if the dining table is full or just as a place to stack bills.

With one main feature of your Virginia kitchen having so many crucial abilities, the best thing you can do is to make sure you have the best countertop available.  Stone countertops are stable, durable, and can increase the value of your home.  Another exciting feature about these kitchen countertops in Virginia is how unique they are.  Even though you may think that one piece of granite is the same as another, you’d  be wrong.  Each piece of stone has it’s own personal makeup, just like humans do.  Every stone has it’s own mineral color, speckles and even veins, giving it a distinct look.  While these features may not stand out right away, a closer examination will reveal the true depth of this material.

Stone countertops are also much more durable and stable then other countertops.  Unlike plastic or wood, hot or cold materials don’t affect stone countertops.  You can leave your hot casserole dish on the stone without any protection if you want to for hours on end and your stone countertop will look exactly the same.  These kitchen countertops in Virginia also have very few if any seams, meaning unlike ceramic tiles, they won’t have a grout area for crumbs and other unwanted materials to gather up.  Stone countertops can also be repaired very easily:  if there are any chips or cracks, a simple phone call to a stone restorer will ensure a visit to your Virginia kitchen to get your stone countertops back in shape.

Unlike other countertops that have a number of disadvantages, the only downfall about stone countertops is that foods or other materials can stain these kitchen countertops in Virginia if they are ignored.  If you’re worried about staining, fear not:  some modern day stone now comes with an anti stain guarantee since they have improved the sealant that’s applied to the stone.  Should you get a stone countertop that doesn’t come with a stain guarantee, maintenance is a breeze.  The only thing you need to do is to wipe up any stains that occur.  Also, once every few years, reapply the sealant.  By doing these two small things, your stone countertops will last as long as your Virginia kitchen does, making it a valuable feature due to lack of upkeep charges.

Investing in a stone countertop is a major decision.  Not only are you choosing to alter the most important feature of your Virginia kitchen but you’re also picking a material that can last many years without a hassle.  Stone countertops are a great choice for many reasons including durability, uniqueness, easy to repair and have little to no upkeep.  Although stone countertops can be a slightly expensive upgrade, these kitchen countertops in Virginia pay for themselves over and over again with their beauty and dependability.

Breaking Down the Components of the Virginia Kitchen

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kitchen-remodeling-virginia-kitchen-cabinetsThe popularity of Virginia Kitchen remodeling is undeniable, but so many home owners jump into the decision without properly considering all of the options and consequences of their choices. Here are some quick descriptions of the biggest choices you will be facing.

As you enter the kitchen in any home your eyes typically coast right to the cupboard and cabinets in the kitchen. Most eyes gravitate to these areas. It’s a popular item to remodel, and by changing the cabinet layout in the kitchen you can virtually redesign your kitchen from scratch to update your current look or reinvent the way your kitchen functions. Read more…

Home Improvement In Virginia – Kitchen Countertop To Suit Your Style

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kitchen_8_jpgAre you looking for a new home improvement project for your Virginia kitchen? You’ve probably got a number of choices going through your head, but you should take some time to consider the potential of upgrading your kitchen countertops.

Upgrading countertops is one of the easiest updates you can make to your kitchen environment and can work magic in bringing your old kitchen back to life. Kitchen countertops can really bring a new shine to an otherwise cramped and unappealing space. Read more…