Quick Tip – Virginia Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

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One of the best decisions you can make this season is to tackle a little indoor remodeling. The weather may pushsmall-kitchen-remodel you inside but that’s no reason to put your design plans on hold. A contractor can help you tackle your Virginia kitchen remodeling plans quickly and easily. The best part is, you don’t have to have the contractor handle every aspect of the job. There are some projects you can take on yourself in order to save a little money. If your kitchen is begging you for a face lift, focus on some key details and let the general contractor handle the big stuff.

The Cabinets

You don’t necessarily have to gut your cabinets and start over from scratch. If your cabinets are all in good shape then you can adjust and improve the look of your kitchen by re-surfacing and/or re-painting your cabinets. Re-facing the cabinets is a little more expensive (it involves replacing the veneers) but it will still save you a lot of money over a complete remodel. Provided your cabinets aren’t laminate or melamine then you can simply repaint them on your own. Read more…

Style and Smarts with Virginia Kitchen Remodeling

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steel-and-stone-virginia-kitchenYou should ask yourself when the last time you had a good hard look at the interiors for your house. If you want to get a head start on next year’s remodeling projects, a great place to start might be your Virginia kitchen. Not only does it add equity value to your home, but it also can make your daily life much more enjoyable.

Great Design Ideas

The look of natural stone is becoming a much more affordable style. Whether it is granite countertops, or natural stone back splashes and other veneer wall experts, there is little doubt that this kind of beautiful feature would make any home a more appealing place to live. Stone floor tiles laid in stunning mosaic patterns can give your kitchen a much needed face lift that will continue to look new for quite some time. The shine and non-abrasive nature of stone can make it one of your favorite features of your home.

A great look that goes well with natural stone features is stainless steel appliances and accent hardware. With the proper choices in materials, you can have a very expensive looking kitchen that won’t split your wallet in half. A new sink, combined with all of the other accents in stainless steel: like a stainless steel cook top stove, stainless steel refrigerator, and all stainless steel pulls on the cabinets and drawers. Stainless steel goes with the overall timeless quality of the stone you use for your countertops and tiles.

Lighting options are usually a matter of taste, but a stainless steel finish would blend well with the appliances and accents. The style for your fixture should reflect your creativity while providing enough light to work by. The right lighting level in a kitchen can be a little tricky to find because too little light makes it hard to cook, and too much light is bad for the eyes. Combined with sun exposure it creates a situation where the light levels are constantly changing. You can counter act this problem be using dimmer switches to directly control the light levels in your Virginia kitchen.

The Investment of Remodeling

Time and again you have heard that home improvement projects in your Virginia home is an investment in the value of your home, but there are ways to get the most out of your remodeling budget. Prices comparing materials is always a good idea, and sometimes you can find good quality product for cut rate prices, but something that is important to avoid is using materials that are cheaply made and of an inferior quality. This short term budget saver might cost you much more in the long run.

Another great way to help cut costs in your Virginia kitchen remodel is to do as much of the prep work yourself as you can. You should empty everything out of your kitchen, including your appliances, food stuffs, furniture, and so on. You should talk to your contractor about your options for cabinetry, whether new ones are a necessity or if you can get away with refinishing your existing ones. Getting the most out of your remodeling takes open communication with your general contractor and good research.


Simple Remodel Ideas for your Virginia Kitchen

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Northern Virginia Kitchen Remodeling companies recommend creating a budget of no more than 15% of the total value of your homekitchen_19_jpg when you’re planning a kitchen remodel. If you blow your budget, you can almost guarantee you’ll lose money on the resale. With that considered, it’s hard not to take the time to run a kitchen remodel and install a functional and attractive kitchen. After all, that kind of kitchen remodel offers benefits to newly open space for cooking and suitable space for entertainment.

Take time to consider how long you’ll be in your home, as this will play a role in your plan for your Virginia kitchen remodel.

Improve to Move

If you’re intending to upgrade your home in an effort to sell your house sooner rather than later, then your overall goal shouldn’t be to “wow” potential home buyers. You should be reassuring them that the kitchen you have is in good shape. Whether that’s with the “original” kitchen or the result of a recent kitchen remodel. Here are a few tips to freshen up your kitchen without springing for a Virginia Kitchen Designer.

· Consider new paint and new knobs on the cabinets in your kitchen. A pleasant kitchen redesign is often more effective than a remodel.

· Take a look at the plumbing and the kitchen cabinets. Fix anything that could be loose or broken , such as loose hinges or leaking pipes. It’s easy to turn off a buyer when there are obvious faults.

· Consider a facelift to your kitchen countertops. Virginia kitchen remodels don’t have to be expensive, and sometimes replacing a countertop with a new color is all you need to spice up the kitchen

· If you’re not into a replacing all your kitchen countertops, then consider the install of a new back splash. Creative tile work can add just the right contrast to brighten up a kitchen.

· Replace faucets that leak or don’t seal well, and consider springing for a new kitchen sink. If you’re not sure what the best model would be for your home, consider a consult with a Virginia kitchen designer

· The out-of-sight additions sometimes mean the most. You’d be surprised how many home buyers look for a garbage disposal and check it during a walk through. If your garbage-disposal shakes the house, it’s time to replace it. If you don’t have one, consider picking one up to include it in your new kitchen design.

· Raise your eyes up when you’re thinking about changing the look. Alternative lighting is a great way to change the environment in a kitchen. Adjusting light sources has a major impact on how shadows can mellow out or liven up a room. Consider things like recessed lighting, or track lighting, which is extremely easy to install. Any change in lighting will imbue a lot of extra life, just be sure to consult a Virginia Kitchen Designer on this one, and bring in the aid of a professional electrician.

Spend a little – Make a lot

When considering minor upgrades in your new Virginia kitchen design, keep in mind that minor touch ups won’t cost you much at all. If you’re handy with tools and a good DIY’er then you can squeeze in some fantastic paint and hardware upgrades for less than $150. If you include a new faucet or light fixture in your Virginia kitchen remodel then you may add another $100 to $150 depending on if you install it yourself or not. Spring for a new sink and you could drop somewhere in the range of $1000-$1700.

While this might seem steep at first, a new kitchen design rarely is. The benefit though comes in the sale, when a few thousand dollars in updates and repairs means twice the return. You can’t beat recovering your costs and then some just from bringing in a professional Virginia kitchen remodeling company to act as consultants and point you in the right direction – or do the work for you.

What Do You Know about Stone Kitchen Countertops?

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kitchen_14_jpgThe kitchen countertop is the most important part of your kitchen.  While some might argue that the stove, refrigerator or microwave oven is the main priority of a kitchen, they clearly haven’t spent enough thought on their kitchen countertops in Virginia.  The kitchen countertop is important to your Virginia kitchen for the following reasons:  it’s where you prepare the food, it’s where you have your sink to do dishes or clean the food, and it can also function as a place to eat if the dining table is full or just as a place to stack bills.  Read more…