Get Ready For Winter With Virginia Home Improvement Projects

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virginia_home_improvement_winterThe summer is winding down and cooler temperatures are invading the night. Is your house ready for winter? Take a look at these simple, yet beneficial Virginia home improvement projects that will help your residence gear up for the coming cold.

Fireplace and Chimney Inspection

Along with a check up of your central heating system, the fall is an ideal time to schedule a fireplace inspection and chimney cleaning. These processes – many times offered by the same company – help to clear any creosote build up and reduce the risk of chimney fires significantly.

Keeping your fireplace or wood stove in peak condition will ensure it remains efficient. Heating bills continue to rise and it is more important than ever to maintain your existing systems. Both wood burning hearth appliances and those fueled by natural gas need to be inspected. Keep your family safe by following the maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual of your hearth appliance.

Door and Window Replacements

Drafts steal heat out of your home and contribute to an uncomfortable atmosphere. Older windows (single pane or those with deteriorating frames) also make it more difficult to capture the warmth of the sun in those long months of winter. Open up your home and maintain a cozy level of heat with a window replacement project. Even if you choose strategic locations and replace a few windows at a time, this project will pay back major dividends.

Improperly insulated doors can also leave gaps that are unsafe and inefficient. Consider how much better your home will look and feel with a new front door and sidelights. Or how about upgrading from an older style to the latest composite doors, known for their durability and strength? Take a good look at the windows and doors in your home and think about how a Virginia home improvement project would spruce up the appearance while offering more comfort and efficiency.

Roof Replacement

Fall is also an ideal time to take a look at your roof. Harsh heat and summer storms can take a toll on shingles, causing them to deteriorate much faster than expected. Your local Virginia contractors have a variety of roofing options available – from metal roofing to lifetime shingles and even recycled rubber products. Research and compare the brands and styles currently on the market.

This is a major investment, but when your roof is worn and aged there should be no hesitation. Replacing the roof before any major leaks occur is the best option. And tackling this project in the fall will help you to rest easy this winter, knowing the interior of your home is well covered and protected.

Although you may not be looking forward to the coming winter, time marches on. Preparations will allow you to make the best of the cold and enjoy all of the pleasures that winter has to offer. Take on the Virginia home improvement projects that apply to your home and are within the budget. Then settle in, knowing you and your house are ready.

Virginia Home Improvement Projects Make Wise Investments

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virginia_home_improvement_investmentsIt doesn’t take an economist to tell us that times are tight. Every penny counts in every home across the country, yet the realities of life continue. Regular wear and tear on your home will result in the need for Virginia home improvement projects. Whether they involve expansions due to an altered family situation or repairs to aged fixtures and finishes, home renovation can be considered a wise investment.

And here’s why.

Your Living Space Is Important Daily

It’s true that the condition of your living space will determine your attitude and comfort. That doesn’t mean that you need a richly furnished, luxurious home to be happy; it simply means that you will be more relaxed when living in a space that is clean, safe and suited to your needs.

Cleanliness can be achieved with better organization – plenty of home improvement projects can help in that department. Add a closet or install shelving units in your existing closet space. Build an addition to your home if possible, to create another bedroom or storage area. A backyard shed is an excellent way to clean up the garage and create less clutter, leading to more peace and a restful living space.

Safety is also important in your home. Virginia homeowners need to have windows and doors that offer strength, security and energy efficiency. A window replacement project may be what older homes need to achieve the desired level of safety and security. Upgrading the exterior doors is another easy way to create a living space you can feel comfortable in.

A Resale Savings Account

Investing in your home today is almost like putting money into a savings account. With a newer roof, upgraded flooring and a spacious, modern kitchen your home will be worth more on the market if and when you decide to sell. Buyers look for quality home improvements and tend to avoid homes that need obvious repairs and updating.

Home improvements are not dollar-for-dollar investments, but you will be able to enjoy the benefits of each renovation project until selling time. And there is also a value in how much faster renovated properties sell, most often for closer to or above asking price.

Living Arrangements That Make Sense

As the baby boomer generation ages more and more families are seeing the benefits of living together. Nanny apartments or in-law suites are a hot home renovation these days and for good reason. For much less than the cost of in home care or a retirement residence seniors can move into a newly renovated space with their adult children. Although it will not work for every family, this type of living arrangement is gaining ground again in North America.

Have an experienced general contractor advise you on the best way to renovate your current space to accommodate the older generation. Mobility considerations and privacy will be part of plans, as will shared utilities and outdoor space that is comfortable and healthy for all.

It is important to invest your hard earned money wisely, today more so than ever. With that being said, Virginia home improvement projects make excellent investments for many families. From additions to in law suites and greater security at home, these projects will add to your daily life as well as the overall resale value of your house.

Virginia Home Improvement Projects With Return on Investment

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virginia_home_improvementAlthough home improvements add plenty to your lifestyle, not all projects will deliver a return on your investment. Any job completed by a professional contractor will bring in more value than a DIY finish (unless the homeowner is a skilled handyman) and certain Virginia home improvement projects have a greater return than others. Find out where to invest your renovation budget for the best return.

Kitchen Remodeling

One of the smartest renovation projects to tackle is a kitchen remodel. When done properly upgrades in the hub of your home are a great investment.

Change the outdated cabinets and install new custom made wooden cabinetry or high end ready-made cabinets for a fresh, clean look. Add beautiful stone countertops that will transform your kitchen into a spot where gourmet meals are put together. Don’t forget to include durable flooring such as cork or bamboo for an easy clean that’s also environmentally friendly.

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent choice for your home improvement budget. It will increase the resale value of your home, as well as offer a better quality of life each day. Contact a Virginia general contractor or kitchen renovation contractor to get started on a design today.

Bathroom Remodeling

Renovating your existing bathroom or adding another bathroom will add more convenience and comfort to your living space. The latest fixtures, a stylish decor and special touches like a spa shower can create a truly relaxing spot that also offers functionality and low maintenance.

Make sure your bathroom remodel is bright and includes classic styling. Although trendy bathrooms are tempting, to truly add value you need to install fixtures and designs that have long lasting appeal. This can be an expensive renovation – why not install something that you will love for years instead of choosing something that will be out of style next season?

This Virginia home improvement is something best handled by the professionals. When plumbing and electrical are involved (as they are with both kitchen and bathroom renovations), an experienced contractor provides the best service and will ensure your project is up to code and installed safely.

Decks and Other Outdoor Landscaping

Not as pricey as a new kitchen or bathroom, decks also add to the value of your home in a monetary sense, as well as in day to day living. Provide your family with a comfortable outdoor living space and dress up the front and back door with landscaping and backyard structures.

An expert deck builder will design and build your dream deck using either lumber of composite products. Features such as overhead pergolas, hot tubs and privacy screens can make this spot an outdoor oasis, delivering a return on your investment that can be enjoyed every warm summer day this year.

With the help of a Virginia home improvement contractor you can design and complete a remodeling or renovation project that will provide great returns. Perfect for a better quality of life and to increase the resale value of your home, jobs like a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation and deck installation offer good returns in your pocket and for your lifestyle. Make the move today and invest your money wisely.

Finding the Best Virginia Home Improvement Contractors

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home_improvement_contractorsIf you wouldn’t let just any doctor give you a check up, why would you let just any old Virginia home improvement contractor work on your home? This building is your family’s haven, a place that needs to feel comfortable and dependable at all times. Home improvements can take a good home and make it even better, but only if the company hired has the characteristics of the very best contractors this state has to offer.

Experience Goes a Long Way

Back on the doctor analogy, how do you feel when an intern is taking care of you? That’s similar to an apprentice or inexperienced handyman working at your home. You want someone who knows what they’re doing, a contractor that has worked in your neighborhood, seen many different conditions and successfully completed countless other projects.

That sort of experience is truly irreplaceable. Look for a company that is established and has a list of satisfied customers you can contact yourself for a reference. When the home improvements are substantial in scope and budget, be sure to actually check those references and make your decision about which Virginia contractor to use based on what you find out.

Communication is the Linch Pin

One of the most important characteristics about the best Virginia home improvement contractors is their ability to both listen and communicate. Let’s say you are remodeling the kitchen or bathroom and your contractor has not taken the time (or was not willing) to listen to the specific needs of your family. The result will be a substandard finish that doesn’t accurately reflect who you are and what you need in your home.

Be sure your home improvement contractor is available. Ask for their cell phone numbers and don’t be afraid to call them when a question or concerns arise. If the contractor is unwilling to give out their cell number or isn’t available for long stretches of time, you’re best to move on and go with someone else.

The idea of communicating with the contractor is really best for both parties – It allows the customer to get exactly what they want and lets the contractor eliminate the need to guess.

Word of Mouth

The easiest and most successful way of finding the best Virginia home improvement contractors is by word of mouth. Admiring your friend’s new siding replacement? Ask him who installed it and whether he was happy with the service provided. Is your neighbor boasting about the money she’s saving after replacing her windows? Find out who did the job and whether everything went smoothly. This type of research is generally easy and will help you find a contractor that will do the job right the first time.

No one is perfect and you may hear a negative report about the Virginia contractor you were considering hiring. Investigate the situation and if you feel comfortable about it, ask the contractor for their side the story. You may find out that the company did everything they could and that outside circumstances had more to do with the problem than anything else.

When you’re tackling a Virginia home improvement it’s essential that you find a quality contractor to help you out. Take advantage of experience and always work with some one you can talk to. A relationship of mutual respect is very important. Start with the names you can gather from word of mouth and go from there. You’re sure to come across a top-notch company and be able to get started on the project of your dreams.