A Refreshing Irish Rain Year Round

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bathroom_19_jpgSt. Patrick’s Day comes every year, bringing to mind thoughts of the Irish culture like historic castles, Irish history, and Irish weather.  Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to live in Ireland so we have to settle with what we can bring home ourselves.  One great way to bring the Irish feel to your home is to remodel your Virginia bathroom, starting with your shower head. Read more…

5 Potential Bathroom Flooring Options

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bathroom_9_jpg1Whether you’re stumbling in your bathroom in the early morning, half awake or coming in to take a soothing bath, your feet will be touching it.  If your feet aren’t touching it, your shoes will be.

Every member of your family from the kids to the pet dog will eventually make their way through and their feet will be touching and eventually wearing on the most important part of your Virginia bathroom:  the floor.  Before remodeling your Virginia bathroom, take a look at the following list of materials that can be used to jazz up your Virginia bathroom. Read more…

4 Great Reasons to Start your Virginia Bathroom Remodel

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bathroom_9_jpgEvery day you get up and hit the bathroom before going to work. You’re in a blur and you move in and out of the room without a second glance, at least until you step on one of the kids tub toys.

Your bathroom has always been functional and you feel like you don’t have a reason to contact any Virginia bathroom remodeling service contractor, however, you haven’t really taken a good look at your bathroom. If you’re not ready to open your eyes or your not sure what to look for, here are several reasons to start remodeling your Virginia bathroom.

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When it’s Time to Remodel the Bathroom

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bathroom_20_jpgThe bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in a home, and we spend a fair portion of our time there preparing ourselves each morning and evening. It makes sense that we would want our Virginia bathroom to not only feel warm and inviting, but also help preserve our mood – not poison it.

Fortunately, when you work with a certified Virginia bathroom remodeling company, they can help ensure that the choices you make are appropriate for your living space and the plumbing that is already established in your home.  Consider some of these tips to help make your bathroom remodel in Virginia a success – to make sure that get what you want the first time around. Read more…