Is It Time To Replace your Kitchen Cabinets in Virginia?

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kitchen_8_jpgYou moved into your home a few years ago and you’ve got some very unsightly cabinets.  Most newer homes tend to have fashionably designed cabinets that make your Virginia kitchen look fantastic but many of the older homes don’t.  This can create quite a dilemma when you finally have to do something with those cabinets.  How do you know when your kitchen cabinets in Virginia simply need to be refaced?  How do you know it’s a lost cause and you have to replace them?  By understanding this important distinction, you can save yourself a lot of time and manpower.  Read more…

Choosing your Kitchen Countertop: Design versus Price

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Whether you’re purchasing your kitchen countertops in Virginia or online, you’re going to run into the inevitable conundrum of deciding on materials in relation to cost. To save you a little footwork, here are the most popular countertops ranked from lowest price to highest price with a few of their pros and cons.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s enough to get you started as you work towards refining your kitchen from something of an non-functioning behemoth (what it is now) to a thing of beauty and wonder that will captivate your free time for years to come. Read more…