Checklist of Essentials for Planning Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia

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You have a vision for your new bathroom complete with the fixtures, features and decor options to complete the room. Planning for bathroom remodeling in Virginia allows you to achieve that vision with minimal fuss and hassle. Follow this checklist and get a handle on the essentials for bathroom renovation.

1 — Form a Budget

The very first step in your renovation project involves setting a budget. All figures are preliminary at this point, but forming a budget that outlines how much you can afford and how far off your vision may be from that figure helps.

Jot down price estimates, based on rough figures gathered through your research. Consider the type of finish you require and think about any features you’re willing to splurge on. Use this initial budget to consider your financing options as well.

2 — Understand the Sequence of Events

Almost every bathroom renovation follows the same sequence during the construction phase. After all contracts have been signed, designs approved and permits applied for, the actual renovation starts.

Demolition comes first, including any removal required. Repairs and reconstruction bring everything behind the walls and under the flooring up to date. Basic framing and structural works comes next, followed by plumbing, electrical and major fixture installation (tubs, showers). Drywall and flooring installation close up the room, with toilet, sink and vanity installation bringing things together. Paint, lighting installation and other finishing steps complete the room.

3 — Read the Applicable Building Codes

You should understand the building codes that apply to homes in Northern Virginia. The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Codes applied in many cases of new construction and structural renovation, but homeowners should also check with the county for any specific limitations and requirements.

4 — Measure It Up

Get out your tape measure and record the dimensions of your space. Take a look at the length and width of the room, as well as ceiling height, door opening and door height. Record specific window locations—measure the height of the window frame from the floor, as well as the width and height of the window.

Keep these measurements handy when shopping for showers, tubs, toilets and vanities. And use them to obtain contractor quotes for your bathroom remodeling in Virginia. Prices and schedules depend on room size and accessibility.

5 — Consider the Condition

Have a look at the existing condition of your bathroom. Is the wiring up to code? Are you depending on aged plumbing or less reliable plastic couplings and valves? Assess the condition of your fixtures and inspect the tub, sink and toilet for cracking, splitting and any other signs of decay.

All substandard electrical and plumbing elements will need to be upgraded, which pushes the budget up. Mold or mildew need to be completely removed and any building materials with mold or mildew growth should be replaced. It helps to discover some of this before the project begins, although you should expect to find more once the contractor starts demolition.

6 — Find a Reputable Contractor

Finding an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable contractor can be intimidating. Ask your friends and family for recommendations and visit contractor websites for information, testimonials and contact details. Book appointments to have your preferred contractors visit your home to inspect the jobsite and ask each of the companies to bring samples. Viewing fixtures, tiles and other bathroom elements in natural lighting allows you to make better decisions.

Planning for bathroom remodeling in Virginia can be fun. Read through this checklist and get started on this project to transform your home.

What is the Typical Timeline for Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia?

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Scheduling is one of the major concerns when planning a bathroom remodeling in Virginia. Depending on the scope of work, your project could take anywhere from one week to a few months. Factor in special orders or relocating plumbing fixtures and this schedule could extend even longer.

While much depends on the speed of your contractor, a typical timeline looks something like this:

Initial Stages

You’ve decided that a bathroom remodeling project is required and in the budget. The first stage of this project involves meeting with potential contractors to go over the design and draw up a quotation. This process takes about one to two weeks from initial contact, depending on your availability and the number of contractors you choose to have quote.

Some contractors ask their clients visit the company showroom to sign a contract or view product samples. This can often be done within the above time period, assuming the contractor delivers their quotation within a reasonable span.

Once the contract has been signed, material selection begins. This process may take one to four weeks, depending on your tastes and preferences. An extensive bathroom remodeling in Virginia involves several types of materials, from flooring and tile, to bathroom fixtures, cabinetry and lighting. You may have to visit several different retailers to view samples, or spend hours online browsing web catalogs.

Delivery and Demolition

The second major stage of a bathroom renovation involves waiting for the materials to arrive. Demolition can be completed simultaneously, but only if the homeowner has reliable and convenient access to another bathroom. If not, the demolition process (which typically lasts between 1 and 5 days) should be done immediately following installation to minimize downtime.

Delivery of materials can stretch for a long time, depending on the type of materials ordered and the jobsite location. Many contractors recommend sourcing local building materials where possible, or ordering from Virginia retailers to cut down on transportation costs and wait time. For standard materials, expect a lead time of 4 to 7 days, and 4 to 6 weeks is not unheard of for special order lead times.

Installation and Clean Up

The final stages of your Virginia bathroom remodeling project are coming up. Things get exciting from here on, with flooring installation, electrical and plumbing work and vanity installation helping to bring the room together.

Depending again on the scope of work, installation time ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. This could happen in stages, with each tradesman requiring a span of time to work in the room. Experienced contractors know how to stage the project in order to optimize efficiency and ensure that work moves smoothly from day to day.

Always allow for wait times during the installation process. Tile grout needs to dry or cure, flooring may need to set and paint needs to dry. All goods things come to those who wait, or in this case, a quality built bathroom comes to homeowners who wait.

Clean up often takes just one or two days. Smart contractors handle this throughout the course of installation and end the project with minimal finishing work and clean up.

Bathroom remodeling in Virginia requires a significant amount of work. Understand the elements of each stage and learn how to value the time spent on quality work. Don’t rush things, but instead allow your Virginia contractor to take the time required for job well done.

Hottest Sink Choices for Your Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia

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Concrete sink - photo credit Jeremy Levine Design

Bathroom fixtures play a major role in the design and function of a bathroom. If you are planning to tackle bathroom remodeling in Virginia, take the time to browse the hottest fixtures to capture the ultimate in style and value. The bathroom sink is often a focal point and deserves to be set apart by shape, design, color or impact. Check out these bathroom sink trends, the hottest models available for Virginia homeowners planning a bathroom remodel.

Glass Vessel Sink

This design is not new—vessel sinks have been on the market for quite a few years now. But today’s designs incorporate patterned glass in visually striking shapes and give fresh life to this trend.

From bathroom sinks that echo the luster of copper to those in bright shades of tangerine and lime, the glass vessel sink is constantly evolving and becoming bolder. Find a reputable manufacturer and look online for brands not necessarily available in the local Virginia plumbing shop. Small enough to be shipped affordably, your glass vessel bathroom sink should stand out from the crowd.

Rectangular Double Sink

Angled sink shapes lend a masculine air to your bathroom, and work especially well in ensuites with a double sink design. Stunning in pearl white or gloss black, this squared-edged style of sink runs across a wide vanity and boasts a tap on either end to create a spacious experience.

Use bulky taps with complementary shapes and layer the vanity with a framed mirror, hidden storage and recessed lighting. And look for a rectangular double sink with enough depth to cap your vanity. Wetstyle carries a line of double sinks that suit this style, so modern and unique that you’ll feel young just using them.

Concrete Sink

Perfect for any room in your home, from the kitchen to the bath and laundry, a concrete sink can be formed in many different shapes. Highly durable, concrete bathroom sinks can be mounted on standard vanities, provided an adequate amount of support is included in the vanity design.

Tinted concrete works well to avoid an industrial look. Textures and decorative additives can lend an upscale look to your bathroom remodeling in Virginia, personalized to suit your tastes and formed to fit into your home décor.

Traditional Pedestal Sink

Long favored in the main floor powder room, the modern pedestal sink goes far beyond a simple porcelain stem and vessel. Look for pedestal sinks that feature fancy chrome accents and built in shelving. Glass shelves help to maintain the open feeling of a pedestal sink and still provide functional space for your necessities.

Dress up your modern powder room with a pedestal sink that invites conversation. American Standard and Kohler have a few lovely vintage-style sinks that will make the perfect focal point in your new bathroom.

Let your imagination loose when choosing a sink for your bathroom remodeling in Virginia. This fixture will set the tone of your room and should make a statement while complementing your tastes and the overall style of the bathroom.

Differences Between Bathroom Renovations and Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia

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Planning for major home improvement projects takes time and effort. Following a road map makes the process smoother, more efficient and often less expensive. Understanding the difference between bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling in Virginia helps you choose the correct road map and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Do you know what type of home improvement you’re planning?

Remodel Vs Renovate

Subtle differences can have major influence on your budget and planning. Renovations often involve more extensive work, such as relocation of plumbing, tearing down walls and replacing or installing windows and skylights.

Virginia bathroom remodeling, on the other hand, tends to work within the existing structure. If you want to give your bathroom a facelift, think remodeling. If you want to redesign the space, consider renovations.

While this is not a hard and fast rule for all contractors, the distinctive approaches are worth noting.

Different Ways to Approach the Project

Hire an experienced professional to handle both bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling in Virginia. Although you may be tempted to head down the DIY path, the combination of plumbing, electrical and a wide range of building materials present several risks for inexperienced hands.

Bathroom renovations often involve work in other areas of the home. Perhaps you are replacing older plumbing or upgrading your electrical services to include GFI receptacles.

This type of work provides the ideal opportunity to expand the bathroom, relocate the fixtures to improve flow or upgrade the existing shower, vanity and toilet with modern models. Talk to your Virginia contractor about expanding a basic renovation into adjacent areas of your home; it may save you money to tackle multiple projects at once.

Budgeting Concerns

The cost of bathroom upgrades varies, depending on the size of your space, as well as the fixtures and building materials used. A bathroom remodeling project may cost less, when compared to a renovation project that involves structural work as well as a facelift. But larger scale remodels can also easily surpass a basic renovation.

Costs for remodeling an older bathroom quickly add up, particularly when putting in new tiling, a modern vanity and sink and walk in shower. Bathroom renovations that transform a powder room into a three-piece or four-piece bath could be more affordable, depending on your vision for the finished project.

Think about which type of project suits your needs. It’s a good idea to discuss those needs with the contractor from the get go, allowing them to gauge whether or not their expertise and skills fit within your needs.

Some contractors have more experience in the renovation aspect and regularly handle full-scale renovations involving several sub-trades. Others specialize in remodeling aspects, such as companies that offer tub surround retrofits or fixture replacement.

The differences are subtle and your home improvement project may blur the lines of distinction, but understanding the scope of work involved helps to make your project move smoothly. Both bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling in Virginia transform this busy space into an inviting and functional area. Dream it, plan it and build it for a more valuable living space.