How To Choose the Best Replacement Windows Virginia Contractors Have to Offer

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best-replacement_windows_virginiaReplacing your aging windows will reduce your heating and cooling bills, increase the value of your home and improve your home’s appearance. Knowing how to choose the best replacement windows Virginia contractors have to offer will ensure your home improvement project delivers the highest value. Different brands, unique designs and varying installation methods are available, and all of these factors affect the total cost.

Understand Your Needs

You’ll discover a wide variety of replacement windows on the market, from high end composite windows to budget-friendly vinyl replacement windows. Virginia homeowners need to understand the advantages of each type, and align those advantages with their own needs to find the best windows for their home.

There are a few key factors that determine your unique needs, including:

  • Budget – always an important part of any home improvement project, your budget will significantly narrow down the playing field.
  • Architecture – the style of your home dictates the best style of window, although many styles are available in various materials and structural design.
  • Climate or Exposure – seasons in Northern Virginia require double or triple glazed windows to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, but not all homes will benefit in the same way from high end windows.
  • Future Plans – if you’re planning on moving within five years, it’s not a good idea to invest in expensive, high end windows that will not necessarily deliver a great return on investment over that period. Consider a cheaper alternative when your short to mid-term future plans include moving.
  • Installation Contractor – the scope of your Virginia replacement windows project, and the location of your property, will determine which contractor to hire. Beware of handyman companies that don’t offer the expertise and insurance coverage required for a replacement window project.

Book Estimates

Ask your friends and family for referrals, and check the local listings to find Virginia replacement windows installers. Call a few different contractors and arrange for in-home estimates. They’ll need to physically visit your home to assess the conditions and accurately estimate the cost for removal and replacement.

Make sure you receive a written estimate and obtain a list of references from each contractor under consideration. If you find a big discrepancy in the prices, call in a few more contractors to better gauge the industry.

Ask Questions

Write down a list of questions to ask your contractor, covering vital details like their installation process, scheduling, and payment structure. Don’t assume that the initial quotes will include all of your alternatives. It’s often up to the customer to inquire about the wide range of replacement windows Virginia contractors are offering.

Find out the differences between distinct brands and designs. Ask about the contractor ‘s recommendations and then compare that advice to the recommendations given by other professionals. Be diligent in gathering information while always keeping your specific situation in mind (your budget, architecture, exposure and future plans).

You can choose the best replacement windows Virginia contractors have to offer, as long as those windows suit your own circumstances. What’s best for your neighbor or family member may not be best for your home, and a professional replacement window installer can show you the difference.

4 Benefits of Virginia Window Replacement Projects

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virginia-window-replacementAlthough a Virginia window replacement project requires a hefty investment, this home improvement also delivers significant benefits. Take a look at the advantages new windows will offer your family and feel good knowing your hard-earned cash is well spent on replacement windows.

Benefit # 1 – A More Energy Efficient Home

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of installing replacement windows is an improvement in your home’s energy efficiency. Double-glazed window panes and improved frame design make today’s windows much more airtight. This provides an effective heat barrier and insulator, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature using less energy.

Experts suggest that installing replacement windows will result in energy bills at least 10 percent lower than your current billing levels. Imagine how those savings will add up over the years, insulating your home from rising energy costs as well.

Benefit # 2 – A More Attractive Home

Aging windows present a less than spectacular façade, with peeling frames and dated styling. Newer windows dress up your home from the inside and out, allowing for a cleaner, more finished appearance.

It may seem strange to think that windows can have a noticeable effect on the look of your home, but the texture and brightness of new vinyl windows are unmistakable and easy to spot. Replacement windows also allow greater amounts of light into your home, creating a brighter interior that seems spacious and open.

Benefit # 3 – A Quieter Home

Road noise and the sounds of neighbors can invade your home at any time, eroding the sense of peace that should be present inside those walls. Although new windows can’t provide a complete solution in every circumstance, today’s product designs help to create a much more peaceful atmosphere inside your home.

Block out the sounds of foot and road traffic with double or triple glazed windows. The air space between glass window panes works as an insulator against sound as well as heat. Add some heavy drapes and your interior space will be almost completely insulated from intrusive noises. Enjoy a quieter home with a Virginia window replacement project.

Benefit # 4 – A More Valuable Home

If you are considering a move in the next few years, upgrading your existing windows is a wise idea. Not only will you enjoy cheaper energy bills and a quieter, nicer looking home, that house will also increase in value thanks to those new windows.

Modern windows offer greater security and easier, maintenance-free operation. Consider those benefits along with all of the others mentioned above and you’ll see how this home improvement project can add value. Buyers will look for a house in move-in condition, meaning new windows will make your home more attractive and more likely to capture the full asking price.

On the flip side of that equation, buyers tend to steer clear of homes that require substantial upgrades right away or soon after the purchase. If your windows are dated and worn out any offers to buy will take that into consideration. Most often buyers knock a certain amount off of the asking price, at least equal to the cost of the home improvement. Take care of that upgrade yourself before the home goes up for sale and you won’t need to deal with that issue at all.

A Virginia window replacement project presents homeowners with a wide variety of benefits. From lower energy bills to higher home values, a quieter atmosphere and a better looking facade, this home improvement is well worth the investment.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Virginia Replacement Windows Installer

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virginia-replacement-windows-installersDIY home improvement projects help you to save money, not to mention giving you a chance to use power tools. But installing Virginia replacement windows can be a tricky job and amateur mistakes lead to big problems later on. Check out a few reasons for hiring a professional window installer before you decide to strap on the tool belt. You may just decide that it’s wiser to pick up the phone and call in the experts.

Reason 1 – The Right Way to Remove Windows

The first step in replacement window projects is to remove the existing window. Unless the jamb has deteriorated beyond repair that component will remain. A careful job is essential. Do you know exactly which components need to stay and how to handle the removal with gentleness? Experienced window installers make this look easy, but most DIY enthusiasts will admit that removal is not always as straightforward as it seems.

It’s worth mentioning that older homes may have lead paint on the window frames. Removal of these windows can be tricky and present health and safety issues. Professionals know how to recognize this situation and are also trained in how to handle the removal process properly.

Reason 2 – Assessing the Condition of the Jamb

Can you spot water damage, rot or evidence of pests in the existing window jamb? You’ll need to inspect the material closely to find out whether a new replacement window can be securely hung. Soft spots can hide on the sill or along the top of the window frame, and professional contractors are skilled at probing in the right places to find those hidden problems.

Rot in the window jamb means a whole new frame needs to be installed. This discovery can transform a simple replacement job into a more complicated home improvement project. Make sure you can handle the twists and turns that hidden rot may cause and hire a pro to inspect the jambs and handle the installation of new windows.

Reason 3 – Precise Measurements

Measuring is probably the most important step in window installation. These figures have to be exact and recorded properly; windows that are even a few inches off will not work. And the worst news of all is that custom-sized replacement windows are not returnable. Want to avoid the pressure and let the pros handle the measuring? Not only allow will you avoid errors, but this also means any mistakes made are someone else’s responsibility.

Reason 4 – Square It Up

Virginia replacement windows come slightly smaller than the frame opening. This space allows for shims used to square the window properly. Operation of the window (opening and closing) relies heavily on the placement of the window and getting that sash perfectly square can be a challenge. You need to have patience and the knowledge to know how to fit shims properly. Experience allows this process to move along quicker, while providing the perfect fit for your new windows.

Reason 5 – That Essential Seal

New windows provide better efficiency in your home, cutting back on heating and cooling bills. But when your replacement windows are not sealed properly those savings will escape through the cracks before you even realize they’re gone. Professionals have the equipment and skill to create a tight seal, keeping your home tight and providing the support those new high efficiency windows need.

DIY window installation is possible, but many homeowners agree that hiring a professional is the wisest choice. Get the most from your Virginia replacement windows by ensuring they are installed properly. It’s worth the investment.

How to Choose Top Quality Virginia Replacement Windows

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virginia-replacement-windowsHome improvement projects are an investment in your lifestyle and comfort. Upgrades can also help you to save money on heating bills, but only high quality Virginia replacement windows will provide true value for your money. What can consumers look for in quality windows? Is there a premium design or style that offers durability and beauty you can count on? Browse the selection of windows to find out which is best for your home.

Three Components of a Window

There are three basic parts of a window that will affect the overall quality:

  • Frame construction and design – Window frames are available in various materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. Combinations are also on the market, offering the benefits of both materials. The very best replacement windows have frames built for durability – thick, strong components that fit together seamlessly – and efficiency. If a significant amount of heat is lost through the window frame, your investment will be wasted.
  • Glass panes – Double and tripled glazed windows that include low E coatings and gas fillings offer the best value in Virginia replacement windows. Energy efficient and attractive, these windows can add natural light to your home and brighten up any living space. Look for glass with security features for vulnerable areas such as exterior doors.
  • Hardware – Many experts look at the hardware of replacement windows first, since the quality evident in this smaller component is often indicative of overall quality. Flimsy or improperly installed hardware generally means the window has been poorly designed or offers lower quality materials. Solid hardware that will stand up to countless turns, cranks, pulls and yanks is what homeowners should be opting for. Strong hardware will keep your window operating well.

Where To Buy Quality Windows

You can do most of your research online, browsing the features and designs of various manufacturers on their websites. Be sure that your preferred window installation contractor handles the brands you are looking into. Ask which brands the contractor has access to or find out whether they are interested in installing other manufacturers.

Shop for sales in the off season. But remember that the sooner your replacement windows are installed, the sooner you will begin to save money on heating and cooling costs. You may find the window retailers put last year’s models on sale to make way for the new lines. These older products are often just as good as the newer models, unless a major industry advancement has occurred. Discuss the differences in price and design before making your final purchase.

Using an experienced installer is almost as important as buying a quality product. If expensive, highly advanced windows are improperly installed, all of those benefits you paid for will be thrown out the proverbial window. Energy efficiency depends on a tight fit, as well as the design and materials of the actual product.

Durability and operation are affected by installation as well. Have you ever tried to open or close a window that was in crooked or not shimmed well? Hire a contractor that will be sure to do a thorough job, with removal and replacement of your windows. Then you can be sure that your investment in Virginia replacement windows is money well spent, increasing your comfort and the value of your home.