Sunrooms & Solarflares – The Benefits Of A Virginia Sunroom Addition

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virginia-sunroom-glassThere’s a certain moment in the middle of a Summer’s day when you want to step outside and enjoy the cool air, perhaps in the evening as the day is winding down – if you’ve got a Virginia sunroom then you have the perfect place to do that without any inconvenience.

The sunroom becomes a place where you can settle back, read a paper and enjoy your morning coffee with the perfect view of your garden – and you’re able to enjoy that space without getting any outside dirt on your work slacks or sleeves.

Turn to any outdoor contractor and you’ll all see them pitching a similar marketing phrase for a sunroom addition as a home improvement project – “bringing the outdoors in”.  A sunroom is certainly a satisfying way to bring together both desire and comfort where you can indeed enjoy the outside from the inside of your home. Read more…

“Greenify” Your Virginia Roofing With Natural or Solar Shingles

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virginia-roofing-solar-shinglesBuildings all have one thing in common, four walls supported by a roof overhead. Building owners, whether their properties are residential or commercial, are responsible for the installation and maintenance of these components. When considering new residential Virginia roofing, commercial roofing, or roofing repair options, something that is efficient and cost effective is top priority. Maybe it’s time to consider a green or solar roof.

A green roof really has very little to do with color, although there are a few different uses for the terminology. Most commonly, green roofs are environmentally friendly roofing systems made from recycled materials. The life cycle of these roofs is much longer than that of traditional roofing systems. They also require much less work by way of maintenance requirements, and the materials used in the roofs can be recycled once they have reached the end of their life spans. Read more…

Keeping Your Virginia Roofing Old School

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asphalt_largeVirginia roofing has made a lot of improvements over the years in its own industry, in the way homes have come together over the years. From archaic mud to modern shingles, our own homes are marvels of modern science and architecture. Despite that modern design, we’ll all need to replaced and maintain our roof at some point.

One common material that we see used most often in the modern roof is the asphalt shingle. It may seem like that material belongs on the roads but there’s a reason it’s used there as well as on your roof. It’s long lasting, durable and weather resistant.

Those shingles create overlapping layers of protection that help curtail the efforts of the weather and storms to invade your home. They’re extremely effective at keeping the rain out and your home dry. Read more…

Don’t Neglect The Virginia Roofing Inspection

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virginia-roofing-inspectionWhen purchasing a home, many lenders will actually require that the home be inspected by a professional in Virginia. Roofing is included in that inspection, and many lenders require that the roof be part of that inspection before the mortgage or loan is supplied to the home acquisition.

While most roofing installations can last a long time, even up to 20 years for a well built and properly ventilated roof, the roof may need maintenance and even replacement within 5 years if the home is in a region suffering from constant inclement weather – especially snow and rain.

While having a secure roof is important to the home, it’s also an extremely costly investment. The last thing you want to do is buy a home and find out shortly after you move in that the whole thing needs to be redone. Read more…