Simple Remodel Ideas for your Virginia Kitchen

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Northern Virginia Kitchen Remodeling companies recommend creating a budget of no more than 15% of the total value of your homekitchen_19_jpg when you’re planning a kitchen remodel. If you blow your budget, you can almost guarantee you’ll lose money on the resale. With that considered, it’s hard not to take the time to run a kitchen remodel and install a functional and attractive kitchen. After all, that kind of kitchen remodel offers benefits to newly open space for cooking and suitable space for entertainment.

Take time to consider how long you’ll be in your home, as this will play a role in your plan for your Virginia kitchen remodel.

Improve to Move

If you’re intending to upgrade your home in an effort to sell your house sooner rather than later, then your overall goal shouldn’t be to “wow” potential home buyers. You should be reassuring them that the kitchen you have is in good shape. Whether that’s with the “original” kitchen or the result of a recent kitchen remodel. Here are a few tips to freshen up your kitchen without springing for a Virginia Kitchen Designer.

· Consider new paint and new knobs on the cabinets in your kitchen. A pleasant kitchen redesign is often more effective than a remodel.

· Take a look at the plumbing and the kitchen cabinets. Fix anything that could be loose or broken , such as loose hinges or leaking pipes. It’s easy to turn off a buyer when there are obvious faults.

· Consider a facelift to your kitchen countertops. Virginia kitchen remodels don’t have to be expensive, and sometimes replacing a countertop with a new color is all you need to spice up the kitchen

· If you’re not into a replacing all your kitchen countertops, then consider the install of a new back splash. Creative tile work can add just the right contrast to brighten up a kitchen.

· Replace faucets that leak or don’t seal well, and consider springing for a new kitchen sink. If you’re not sure what the best model would be for your home, consider a consult with a Virginia kitchen designer

· The out-of-sight additions sometimes mean the most. You’d be surprised how many home buyers look for a garbage disposal and check it during a walk through. If your garbage-disposal shakes the house, it’s time to replace it. If you don’t have one, consider picking one up to include it in your new kitchen design.

· Raise your eyes up when you’re thinking about changing the look. Alternative lighting is a great way to change the environment in a kitchen. Adjusting light sources has a major impact on how shadows can mellow out or liven up a room. Consider things like recessed lighting, or track lighting, which is extremely easy to install. Any change in lighting will imbue a lot of extra life, just be sure to consult a Virginia Kitchen Designer on this one, and bring in the aid of a professional electrician.

Spend a little – Make a lot

When considering minor upgrades in your new Virginia kitchen design, keep in mind that minor touch ups won’t cost you much at all. If you’re handy with tools and a good DIY’er then you can squeeze in some fantastic paint and hardware upgrades for less than $150. If you include a new faucet or light fixture in your Virginia kitchen remodel then you may add another $100 to $150 depending on if you install it yourself or not. Spring for a new sink and you could drop somewhere in the range of $1000-$1700.

While this might seem steep at first, a new kitchen design rarely is. The benefit though comes in the sale, when a few thousand dollars in updates and repairs means twice the return. You can’t beat recovering your costs and then some just from bringing in a professional Virginia kitchen remodeling company to act as consultants and point you in the right direction – or do the work for you.

Breaking Down the Components of the Virginia Kitchen

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kitchen-remodeling-virginia-kitchen-cabinetsThe popularity of Virginia Kitchen remodeling is undeniable, but so many home owners jump into the decision without properly considering all of the options and consequences of their choices. Here are some quick descriptions of the biggest choices you will be facing.

As you enter the kitchen in any home your eyes typically coast right to the cupboard and cabinets in the kitchen. Most eyes gravitate to these areas. It’s a popular item to remodel, and by changing the cabinet layout in the kitchen you can virtually redesign your kitchen from scratch to update your current look or reinvent the way your kitchen functions. Read more…

5 Big Choices For Remodeling Your Virginia Kitchen

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kitchen_9_jpgThe popularity of Virginia Kitchen remodeling is undeniable, but so many home owners jump into the decision without properly considering all of the options and consequences of their choices. Here are some quick descriptions of the biggest choices you will be facing.


Cabinetry is possibly the most prominent feature in any kitchen. Updated, professionally installed cabinets can take a drab kitchen that is showing its age and turn them into something sleek and interesting. Creative designers can develop plans that better use the space you have available as well as help choosing the hardware, finish, and style for your new cabinets.

You will also want to determine what materials your cabinets are constructed from so you know when you will have to replace them in the future. Your options range from inexpensive, but less durable particle board, to extremely expensive, but built to last plywood cabinets.


Kitchen flooring options are quite vast and include:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Stone
  • Split Brick
  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl

Carpeting was popular for some time, but is impractical and far from waterproof, so it isn’t recommended. When setting your tile pattern, a diagonal look is more visually interesting, but adds to the labor costs of installation. Another way to spice up the look of you floor is by adding a contrasting border.


The kitchen probably houses more appliances than any other room in your home. With all of the cooking and cleaning along with the food storage, the bill for new appliances adds up quickly. Gas ranges are generally considered better for cooking than electric. If you do go electric, consider a model with a convection oven, which can save both time and energy when cooking. When you are choosing a refrigerator, always buy an Energy Star model and make sure that it contains all of the square footage you need while maintaining a small enough footprint to fit in your kitchen.

It is important to remain focused on the function of each appliance slightly more than the look of the piece. There are many different looks for you to choose from, solid colors in smooth or textured surfaces, but the most popular trend right now is brushed stainless steel for that professional industrial kitchen look.


Your choice of countertop materials is almost as numerous as flooring. On the budget minded end, plastic laminates and other synthetic materials are available in a practically infinite number of colors and finishes. If you are going to go all out, solid stone counter tops are a very popular choice for those with a pocket book that will withstand the damage.


Fixtures fall into two categories: Plumbing and electrical. Electrical fixtures in your kitchen are most likely all going to be lights and it is vital that the entire area of the kitchen is lit very well. For light sensitive individuals, it would be beneficial to add dimmer switches so that they can work in the kitchen as well.

Your plumbing fixtures are mostly going to be the sink and faucet. 99% of kitchen sinks are stainless steel, but you may able to dress up the edges a little bit with some trim work. Your real style choice comes with the faucet and handles, where you can let your creative side shine in your Virginia kitchen.

Home Improvement In Virginia – Kitchen Countertop To Suit Your Style

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kitchen_8_jpgAre you looking for a new home improvement project for your Virginia kitchen? You’ve probably got a number of choices going through your head, but you should take some time to consider the potential of upgrading your kitchen countertops.

Upgrading countertops is one of the easiest updates you can make to your kitchen environment and can work magic in bringing your old kitchen back to life. Kitchen countertops can really bring a new shine to an otherwise cramped and unappealing space. Read more…