Top Five Problems With DIY Virginia Bathroom Renovations

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Many homeowners aim to achieve the best looking Virginia bathroom renovation at the lowest price, and just as many assume that DIY bathroom renos are the best way to go. While the DIY route makes sense in some areas of home improvement, you may quickly encounter expensive and complicated problems when opting for a DIY bathroom project.

Find out the top five problems and consider how to deal with them.

# 1 – Not Investing in a Licensed Plumber

As with any specialty or skilled trade, plumbing work requires the knowledge and experience of a licensed professional. Although you may be able to change out a faucet or install a showerhead, the extensive plumbing work required in a bathroom renovation goes well beyond the average person’s skill set. And hiring a licensed plumber also provides greater peace of mind in terms of warranty and durability.

# 2 – Missing Valuable Elements of Bathroom Design

You know what you want the bathroom remodel to look like and you understand the basics of bathroom design, but most homeowners miss at least one important bathroom element when tackling this room with DIY enthusiasm. Consider safety elements like floor drains or septic pumps in basement bathrooms. Remember to include adequately sized exhaust fans and a diverter valve.

# 3 – Skipping Underlayment on the Floor

Whether your Virginia bathroom renovation is located on the main floor, second floor, loft or basement, installing waterproof underlayment makes sense. Protect the structure of your home, including subfloor and floor joists, from expensive moisture damage. You may hesitate at the added investment, especially if you’re planning to install ceramic tiles, but this wise bathroom addition provides an unmatched level of assurance and years of reliability.

# 4 – Extending the Project Length Far Beyond the Norm

Renovating the bathroom upsets your daily life and can cause major inconveniences. DIY projects tend to require a longer period of upheaval before the finished product comes through. Some families never see the room completely finished. Not only do contractors finish the project in a shorter period of time, but they generally attend to service issues within a reasonable timeframe.

# 5 – Extending Tile Too Far

Tiles work in the bathroom and are fairly easy to install, making them a popular option with DIY fans. But extended tiled areas create bigger problems than many people anticipate. Installing shower tiles up to the ceiling often exposes uneven ceiling lines and requires a wet tile saw and a sharp eye. Bringing floor tiles up the wall creates difficult seams and corners, and some DIY renovators use inexpensive caulking in an effort to finish the job. Instead, design your bathroom to include limited areas of tile and be sure to plan out the project very well to avoid awkward installations.

Saving money on your Virginia bathroom renovation is possible by hiring an experienced contractor. DIY may be the ideal route for you, but remember to consider these common problems and work hard to create a comfortable, attractive living space.

Top Five Modern Tile Choices for Virginia Bathrooms

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Tile options have evolved from the bright ceramic choices of the 1970’s. Virginia bathrooms are now fitted with modern tile choices for the walls, shower stall and flooring, offering durability and a hard-to-match sense of luxury. What are the hottest bathroom tile trends of today? Find out and choose your favorite.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

This style of tile blends a myriad of colors with smaller tile shapes and a wide range of textures to create a visual masterpiece. Consider all of the bathroom mosaic tile options, including glass tiles, porcelain or even metal. And then have your contractor or designer draw up a mosaic pattern that suits your decor and style.

Do you want to accent an area of the bathroom, such as the shower wall or vanity backsplash? Mosaics can become overwhelming on large walls, but when combined with the proper paint, furniture and fixtures, even an expansive wall can be done in mosaic bathroom tiles with stunning effect.

Concrete Bathroom Tiles

No longer just for the vanity countertops, concrete has gained popularity on the floor and even across bathroom walls. Concrete bathroom tiles come in several different textures, sizes and tints, but most create a contemporary atmosphere in Virginia bathrooms.

Are you aiming to capture the peaceful balance of Zen in your Virginia bathroom remodeling project? Concrete tiles work well to visually expand the space and offer a calming tone. Consider products with a convex side—this shape tends to soften the look and feel of concrete.

Manufactured Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone tiles create an incredible appearance, but tend to come with high maintenance requirements and inflated costs. Manufactured stone bathroom tiles have come a long way and now achieve virtually the same look and feel, without the uncertainty. Manufactured stone tends to be stronger and should cost less per square inch than the comparable natural stone.

Do you love the rough and unique look of stone, but dread the tasks associated with installing this material in your bathroom? Take a look at the various types of manufactured stone and choose something that mimics your preferred natural stone. You’ll find marble, slate, granite, cobblestone and many other styles available.

Light Tiles

These products combine LED lights with ceramic tiles to provide warm, dependable lighting in the shower, along the walls or around the vanity. Use white ceramic light tiles as an accent with nearly any other type of bathroom tiles. Manufacturers claim these products offer about one decade of use—plenty of time to enjoy your renovated Virginia bathroom.

Do you want to soften the bath or add a touch of modern appeal in your new bathroom? Research the brands of light tiles available and hire an experienced Virginia contractor to install this unique electrical system in your home.

Pebble Bathroom Tiles

Ideal for use around the tub and near the sink, pebble tiles are simply tiny pebbles attached to a mesh backing. This sheet of rocks is grouted to the wall in the same way as standard bathroom tile. Pebble tiles soften surfaces and create a natural appeal perfect for casual bathrooms.

Are you planning a DIY bathroom renovation and appreciate the beauty and texture of stone? Pebble stones go up easier than natural stone, but they also come with maintenance challenges. Make sure you want the unique look of these bathroom tiles before installation.

Any of these tile options work in Virginia bathrooms. Choose your favorite of these bathroom tile trends.

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Materials for Virginia Bathrooms

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Bathroom renovations change the layout and styling of an important space. Truly valuable Virginia bathrooms include the ideal materials for the modern family. Attractive, durable and eco friendly are three characteristics often sought after by designers and contractors across North America, but how can you choose the best materials for your space? Check out these tips and get shopping today.

Crazy for Tile

Bathrooms come in a few standard layouts and include a sink, toilet and shower or tub (or tub and shower combo). You can move these fixtures around to achieve the proper traffic flow and attain optimum storage space, but the bathroom materials make this room sparkle. Tile plays a vital role in bathrooms of all sizes.

Tiling works for the walls, floors and around the shower or tub. This durable building material is easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colors and textures. Take your pick. Perhaps you prefer mosaic tiles in a monochromatic pattern with a splash of brightness. Or maybe you love the look of larger subway tiles to create an urban feel. Shop your local building materials store or ask your Virginia bathroom contractor for a list of suppliers and browse their websites for samples.

Spectacular Stone

Tile requires grout, which can become difficult to keep clean over time. Avoid this situation by opting for stone veneer. This product provides the benefits of tile—easy to wipe clean, resistant to mold and other moisture problems—without the grout.

Choose granite for your shower and enclose the space with clear glass walls for an open, natural feeling. Or borrow a page from the ancient Romans and install marble veneer flooring and wall coverings. Stone adds visual interest to the space and can provide a sense of luxury unmatched by any other material.

Granite, marble and other natural stone can be used on the vanity as well, or installed as a backsplash. Be sure to support the heavy weight of natural stone and invest in good quality products designed for use in the bathroom.

Hire an experienced contractor to install stone in Virginia bathrooms. This process requires skilled hands and the proper equipment in order to minimize waste and ensure longevity.

Pulls and Hardware Make a Difference

Another secret to creating a beautiful bathroom is found in the tiniest details. Consider the finish of your drawer pulls, cabinet hardware and door hinges. A matte metallic finish lends a certain appeal, while shiny metal or colored hardware adds personality and flash. Think about how many components you’ll need for your vanity and storage cabinetry and choose a style and color that achieves balance.

Some homeowners shy away from expensive hardware, opting instead for the standard, inexpensive brands. While this may seem good for the budget initially, splurging on your favorite hardware can take your new bathroom from good to fantastic. Weigh your options and shop around to find the very best hardware, drawer pulls and hinges for your bathroom remodelling project.

From tiled floors to natural stone and small details like cabinet hardware, the materials that you choose make a difference. The most attractive and comfortable Virginia bathrooms combine excellent design with quality materials to create an inspirational room.

Three Easy Ways to Save Money on Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

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Smart homeowners make the most of their money, searching out ways to save money and still obtain the quality and finish their home deserves. Your Virginia bathroom remodeling project will require a decent investment, but here are three ways to keep some of that money in your pocket.

Focus on the Important Features or Pick a Few Features and Settle on the Rest

Your new bathroom contains several fixtures and elements. Some of these features stand out to you, and others can remain unnoticed for years. Think about the elements that you appreciate on a daily basis and focus on those elements in the new bathroom design.

Perhaps you love a soaker tub and heat lamp, but aren’t particular about the vanity. Or maybe you cannot bend on adding efficient storage, but wouldn’t mind an economical tile on the floor. Consider your priorities and spend money on those elements. The balance of your bathroom will fade into the background with time, and isn’t worth the investment.

Stick to the Design Whenever Possible or Avoid Last Minute Changes

Your Virginia bathroom renovation contractor blends your vision for the space with their years of experience in the industry. The design that comes out of this process often needs tweaking and small revisions before the project starts. But you can save money by ensuring this design meets your needs and avoiding on-the-fly changes during the construction process.

Changing your mind about plumbing fixtures or locations, flooring styles, vanity models or any other details set into the design alters the budget and schedule. Every delay increases the project costs, and your Virginia bathroom remodeling schedule has already taken delivery times into account. Re-ordering new fixtures, flooring, or bathroom furniture puts a wrench into this set up.

Tracking exactly how much money this aspect saves can be difficult, but you must trust that sticking to the original design whenever possible limits additional expenses. Change may be unavoidable in certain circumstances—such as discovering mold behind the walls or realizing that your new tub requires extra framing. Think long and hard before altering your design in other cases.

Shop Around for Fixtures or Hang Out in the Clearance Section

If you have the time and motivation, shopping around for deals on the major elements of your bathroom renovation saves money directly. You can often find discontinued fixtures at rock bottom prices or discover overstock vanities and other storage units at discounted prices. Even one major fixture could represent big savings.

Taking the time is key, and being open in your design to allow for cheaper features makes this method possible. You also need access to cash or credit in order to obtain these items, and a place to store them in the pre-construction stage. Talk to your contractor about which elements to shop for and which must directly through the contractor.

With good choices, a solid design and a little ingenuity, you can save money on Virginia bathroom remodeling projects. Work through the process and reduce the amount of money needed to create your dream bathroom.