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Nasty and even disastrous weather conditions have been felt across the country this spring. High winds and heavy rain are bound to cause damage to the exterior finish on homes and repairs are often...

The real estate market can be vastly different from one area of the country to the next. What sells quickly and for top value on the west coast may not move at all in the east. Likewise, properties...

Many homes come with a standard sized Northern Virginia deck. This area may be large enough for a patio dining set and your BBQ, but beyond that there is little room for outdoor living. With some p...

Window cleaning is probably part of your spring cleaning ritual. Getting rid of the dirt and grime allows natural sunlight to refresh your home and invites spring inside. This time of year is also ...

Many properties in suburbia have limited room for an addition. The yard is just big enough for a patio or porch and a little bit of grass to enjoy. But when your home becomes too cramped for a grow...

The exterior finish of your home is an important feature. Not only does it help create a beautiful first impression, but it also protects your home for years. Besides choosing a durable brand of No...


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