Three Easy Ways to Save Money on Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

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Smart homeowners make the most of their money, searching out ways to save money and still obtain the quality and finish their home deserves. Your Virginia bathroom remodeling project will require a decent investment, but here are three ways to keep some of that money in your pocket.

Focus on the Important Features or Pick a Few Features and Settle on the Rest

Your new bathroom contains several fixtures and elements. Some of these features stand out to you, and others can remain unnoticed for years. Think about the elements that you appreciate on a daily basis and focus on those elements in the new bathroom design.

Perhaps you love a soaker tub and heat lamp, but aren’t particular about the vanity. Or maybe you cannot bend on adding efficient storage, but wouldn’t mind an economical tile on the floor. Consider your priorities and spend money on those elements. The balance of your bathroom will fade into the background with time, and isn’t worth the investment.

Stick to the Design Whenever Possible or Avoid Last Minute Changes

Your Virginia bathroom renovation contractor blends your vision for the space with their years of experience in the industry. The design that comes out of this process often needs tweaking and small revisions before the project starts. But you can save money by ensuring this design meets your needs and avoiding on-the-fly changes during the construction process.

Changing your mind about plumbing fixtures or locations, flooring styles, vanity models or any other details set into the design alters the budget and schedule. Every delay increases the project costs, and your Virginia bathroom remodeling schedule has already taken delivery times into account. Re-ordering new fixtures, flooring, or bathroom furniture puts a wrench into this set up.

Tracking exactly how much money this aspect saves can be difficult, but you must trust that sticking to the original design whenever possible limits additional expenses. Change may be unavoidable in certain circumstances—such as discovering mold behind the walls or realizing that your new tub requires extra framing. Think long and hard before altering your design in other cases.

Shop Around for Fixtures or Hang Out in the Clearance Section

If you have the time and motivation, shopping around for deals on the major elements of your bathroom renovation saves money directly. You can often find discontinued fixtures at rock bottom prices or discover overstock vanities and other storage units at discounted prices. Even one major fixture could represent big savings.

Taking the time is key, and being open in your design to allow for cheaper features makes this method possible. You also need access to cash or credit in order to obtain these items, and a place to store them in the pre-construction stage. Talk to your contractor about which elements to shop for and which must directly through the contractor.

With good choices, a solid design and a little ingenuity, you can save money on Virginia bathroom remodeling projects. Work through the process and reduce the amount of money needed to create your dream bathroom.

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