Differences Between Bathroom Renovations and Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia

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Planning for major home improvement projects takes time and effort. Following a road map makes the process smoother, more efficient and often less expensive. Understanding the difference between bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling in Virginia helps you choose the correct road map and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Do you know what type of home improvement you’re planning?

Remodel Vs Renovate

Subtle differences can have major influence on your budget and planning. Renovations often involve more extensive work, such as relocation of plumbing, tearing down walls and replacing or installing windows and skylights.

Virginia bathroom remodeling, on the other hand, tends to work within the existing structure. If you want to give your bathroom a facelift, think remodeling. If you want to redesign the space, consider renovations.

While this is not a hard and fast rule for all contractors, the distinctive approaches are worth noting.

Different Ways to Approach the Project

Hire an experienced professional to handle both bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling in Virginia. Although you may be tempted to head down the DIY path, the combination of plumbing, electrical and a wide range of building materials present several risks for inexperienced hands.

Bathroom renovations often involve work in other areas of the home. Perhaps you are replacing older plumbing or upgrading your electrical services to include GFI receptacles.

This type of work provides the ideal opportunity to expand the bathroom, relocate the fixtures to improve flow or upgrade the existing shower, vanity and toilet with modern models. Talk to your Virginia contractor about expanding a basic renovation into adjacent areas of your home; it may save you money to tackle multiple projects at once.

Budgeting Concerns

The cost of bathroom upgrades varies, depending on the size of your space, as well as the fixtures and building materials used. A bathroom remodeling project may cost less, when compared to a renovation project that involves structural work as well as a facelift. But larger scale remodels can also easily surpass a basic renovation.

Costs for remodeling an older bathroom quickly add up, particularly when putting in new tiling, a modern vanity and sink and walk in shower. Bathroom renovations that transform a powder room into a three-piece or four-piece bath could be more affordable, depending on your vision for the finished project.

Think about which type of project suits your needs. It’s a good idea to discuss those needs with the contractor from the get go, allowing them to gauge whether or not their expertise and skills fit within your needs.

Some contractors have more experience in the renovation aspect and regularly handle full-scale renovations involving several sub-trades. Others specialize in remodeling aspects, such as companies that offer tub surround retrofits or fixture replacement.

The differences are subtle and your home improvement project may blur the lines of distinction, but understanding the scope of work involved helps to make your project move smoothly. Both bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling in Virginia transform this busy space into an inviting and functional area. Dream it, plan it and build it for a more valuable living space.

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