Top Questions on Home Additions Virginia Residents Need to Ask

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Building a home addition creates extra space, improved comfort and enhanced lifestyle. But well built projects require planning and careful design. Check out these top questions on home additions Virginia residents need to ask to ensure quality construction and top-notch finish.

# 1 – Where Can You Build?

Several restrictions may limit the location of your home addition. Local bylaws present limitations to the setback and height of the structure. Setback restrictions state how much the addition can encroach on your property lines, while height restrictions dictate the overall height allowed, including all roof peaks and chimneys.

Talk to the officials at your local municipality. You’ll need to establish a good relationship with these folks, since all building permits and inspections will flow through the local municipality office. Using the information provided regarding setbacks and height restrictions, figure out where you can build the proposed addition.

# 2 – What Features Do You Want to Add to Your Current Living Space?

Experts advise Virginia residents to make a “wish list” containing a vision for their home once the addition is complete. This should include things like:

  • fourth bedroom
  • extra space for the kids to play
  • home office
  • larger kitchen
  • ensuite bathroom or additional bathroom
  • family room extension
  • sunroom

Write down the features you’re hoping to end up with, and make notes on how you want the space to feel. Looking for “bright and airy” rooms? Make sure the addition includes large windows and well-ventilated areas with high ceilings. Want the new space to feel cozy and quaint? Consider a fireplace, hardwood floors and built in bookshelves for storage.

# 3 – How Will You Contend With the Existing Grade?

Some Virginia properties include steep grades, and building a home addition on this area requires the proper support. You may be able to install retaining walls to change the grade or design stacking additions that take advantage of your existing foundation.
Think about how contrasting angles can create an attractive layout and avoid or lessen potential grading issues. Virginia home additions that jut out from the main façade can improve visual appeal, especially on traditional colonial homes popular in this region.

# 4 – Should You Match the Existing Exterior Finish?

Older homes present beautiful wood siding or stunning brickwork facades. These exterior finishes may be difficult to match exactly, while contrasting or complementing finishes often fit better into the budget and schedule. Think about installing stonework veneer on the addition to your sided home, or use low maintenance vinyl siding in the same tones as your brickwork for an affordable home addition.

# 5 – Should You Match the Existing Roofline?

Although installing contrasting exterior finishes works well, you need to match the existing roofline for continuity and visual appeal. Ask your contractor or architect to mimic the roofline, using angles, dormers and gables that fit into the existing structure. No matter what your addition includes, create a flowing roofline to ensure the overall design works well.

You’ll more than likely be faced with a long list of questions on home additions Virginia contractors need to ask for a successful project. But these questions help you to formulate the design well before signing any contracts. With this information on hand you can confidently move forward with your home additions dream.


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  1. Decks and Sunrooms Says:

    Always, always, always check how high you can build before you even start. A couple did demolition themselves and found out that they can’t build a second floor due to height restrictions. They had already removed 90% of the roof. Plan your project before you even lift a hammer.

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