5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Virginia Replacement Windows Installer

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virginia-replacement-windows-installersDIY home improvement projects help you to save money, not to mention giving you a chance to use power tools. But installing Virginia replacement windows can be a tricky job and amateur mistakes lead to big problems later on. Check out a few reasons for hiring a professional window installer before you decide to strap on the tool belt. You may just decide that it’s wiser to pick up the phone and call in the experts.

Reason 1 – The Right Way to Remove Windows

The first step in replacement window projects is to remove the existing window. Unless the jamb has deteriorated beyond repair that component will remain. A careful job is essential. Do you know exactly which components need to stay and how to handle the removal with gentleness? Experienced window installers make this look easy, but most DIY enthusiasts will admit that removal is not always as straightforward as it seems.

It’s worth mentioning that older homes may have lead paint on the window frames. Removal of these windows can be tricky and present health and safety issues. Professionals know how to recognize this situation and are also trained in how to handle the removal process properly.

Reason 2 – Assessing the Condition of the Jamb

Can you spot water damage, rot or evidence of pests in the existing window jamb? You’ll need to inspect the material closely to find out whether a new replacement window can be securely hung. Soft spots can hide on the sill or along the top of the window frame, and professional contractors are skilled at probing in the right places to find those hidden problems.

Rot in the window jamb means a whole new frame needs to be installed. This discovery can transform a simple replacement job into a more complicated home improvement project. Make sure you can handle the twists and turns that hidden rot may cause and hire a pro to inspect the jambs and handle the installation of new windows.

Reason 3 – Precise Measurements

Measuring is probably the most important step in window installation. These figures have to be exact and recorded properly; windows that are even a few inches off will not work. And the worst news of all is that custom-sized replacement windows are not returnable. Want to avoid the pressure and let the pros handle the measuring? Not only allow will you avoid errors, but this also means any mistakes made are someone else’s responsibility.

Reason 4 – Square It Up

Virginia replacement windows come slightly smaller than the frame opening. This space allows for shims used to square the window properly. Operation of the window (opening and closing) relies heavily on the placement of the window and getting that sash perfectly square can be a challenge. You need to have patience and the knowledge to know how to fit shims properly. Experience allows this process to move along quicker, while providing the perfect fit for your new windows.

Reason 5 – That Essential Seal

New windows provide better efficiency in your home, cutting back on heating and cooling bills. But when your replacement windows are not sealed properly those savings will escape through the cracks before you even realize they’re gone. Professionals have the equipment and skill to create a tight seal, keeping your home tight and providing the support those new high efficiency windows need.

DIY window installation is possible, but many homeowners agree that hiring a professional is the wisest choice. Get the most from your Virginia replacement windows by ensuring they are installed properly. It’s worth the investment.


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    I would attempt getting the windows out but for fitting them i would use a company.

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