How to Schedule Viewings When Buying Northern Virginia Real Estate

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holding the keyShopping for Northern Virginia real estate will require plenty of leg work. Most often buyers and their realtors will drive countless miles and walk through numerous floor plans before finding the perfect property. So how can a buyer schedule viewings in an efficient and sensible way? A way that fits into a full calendar and takes advantage of time sensitive opportunities like exclusive and new listings?

Your realtor will be an essential partner. And technology plays a major role.

View Before the Viewing

An Internet listing can be used as an effective tool in the primary stages of shopping. Use online information to preview properties, scroll through pictures of the rooms and read through room sizes to get a better idea of the home’s layout. This will allow you to eliminate homes that do not suit your needs and tastes, without having to visit them physically.

Print up pictures to bring along to your viewing. This will give you space to make notes or sketches. And you can more accurately remember the property later if you have those images to trigger your memory.

Bulk Viewings

Ask your realtor to schedule multiple viewings on a single day. This can make for a busy afternoon, but by viewing one property after another you will also avoid emotional responses. The properties will be more accurately compared when the time between viewings is measured in minutes, instead of in days or weeks.

Group the viewings together by neighborhood to cut down on fuel and be respectful of people’s time. Don’t spend more than 30 to 45 minutes in each home, although you may want to leave a few minutes between the viewings to process information and talk about what you just saw. Make notes as you go as well, to aid in recalling information and impressions after the day is done.

Your realtor will be constantly on the look out for properties that suit your needs. Ask them to create a running list of potential homes and work on grouping them as the list expands. Add or subtract from the list as needed, making a note of any that you may want to return to for a second viewing.

Pick a Date and Dedicate it to Real Estate

If you are seriously shopping for Northern Virginia real estate, viewings will become an essential step. Mark off the time in your schedule and dedicate it to the task. That means getting a babysitter for the kids and turning your cell phone on vibrate for a few hours.

It’s time to concentrate on the job, giving each potential property your full attention for the time you are there. You may want to take pictures at the properties (if this is allowed) and start a filing system on your computer that allows for easy viewing later on.

Buyers can use Internet listings to preview potential properties and avoid wasted trip. They also need to coordinate with their realtor, grouping nearby Northern Virginia real estate listings together for multiple viewings. Give these dates your full attention and come prepared to shop seriously. This will give you an edge and help your family to find that perfect home faster and with less stress.


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