Comparing the Cost of Virginia Replacement Windows

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virginia-replacement-windowsReplacing the windows in your home with newer more efficient brands can be an expensive project. You need to compare the prices in order to get the best value for your money. Virginia replacement windows come in a wide range of designs, materials and prices and these three factors will help you to choose the right brands for your home.

Materials Used

The sticker price of replacement windows is often based on the materials used in the framing and glazing. Vinyl windows are at the bottom of the scale with custom made wooden window frames rounding out the top.

But cheap vinyl replacement windows may not hold up for as long as you expect. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, choosing the highest quality Virginia replacement windows may not be an issue. But in order to achieve the best return on your investment it’s important to opt for a product that will last.

Design of the Window

The features of your replacement window will affect the overall price. Additions such as argon gas between the double glazing or low emissivity coating will add to the price. Besides the efficiency features, other elements like an operable sash, screens and locking mechanisms will also affect the cost.

Not every window in your home needs to have the same features. You can get away with fixed windows in spots where you cannot access the window, such as high in the hallway or in a cathedral ceiling. But there are also many areas where you will appreciate a functional and attractive design.

Bay windows and other styles that add light and visual interest to the décor in your room are great choices. They may also come at a premium compared to standard size and shapes. But adding just a few of these alternative window designs will spruce up your home from the inside and the outside, making them well worth any additional investment.

Price of Replacement Windows

Remember that any quote you receive is made up of two elements. In your estimate the cost of the materials for the project will be added to the cost of installation to present you with a complete project. 

If you are comparing the costs of different contractors it’s a good idea to be sure they are offering the same or a very similar brand of window. That way you can also get an idea of how their labor charges stack up against each other. Different warranties can also change the overall price, although it’s always a good plan to opt for the brand and installer that offer the most solid coverage to protect your investment.

Make sure you get the entire window replacement project in writing before the installers begin. You don’t want any surprises to come along when the windows are out on the lawn and the replacements have been ordered. The time to get all of the details of this job out in the open is before the installers show up and begin working.

It’s important to compare the cost of Virginia window replacements in order to ensure your money is well spent. Look at the different brands against each other as well as looking at the price comparisons. An educated decision is the best one in this situation.

Virginia Home Improvement Projects With Return on Investment

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virginia_home_improvementAlthough home improvements add plenty to your lifestyle, not all projects will deliver a return on your investment. Any job completed by a professional contractor will bring in more value than a DIY finish (unless the homeowner is a skilled handyman) and certain Virginia home improvement projects have a greater return than others. Find out where to invest your renovation budget for the best return.

Kitchen Remodeling

One of the smartest renovation projects to tackle is a kitchen remodel. When done properly upgrades in the hub of your home are a great investment.

Change the outdated cabinets and install new custom made wooden cabinetry or high end ready-made cabinets for a fresh, clean look. Add beautiful stone countertops that will transform your kitchen into a spot where gourmet meals are put together. Don’t forget to include durable flooring such as cork or bamboo for an easy clean that’s also environmentally friendly.

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent choice for your home improvement budget. It will increase the resale value of your home, as well as offer a better quality of life each day. Contact a Virginia general contractor or kitchen renovation contractor to get started on a design today.

Bathroom Remodeling

Renovating your existing bathroom or adding another bathroom will add more convenience and comfort to your living space. The latest fixtures, a stylish decor and special touches like a spa shower can create a truly relaxing spot that also offers functionality and low maintenance.

Make sure your bathroom remodel is bright and includes classic styling. Although trendy bathrooms are tempting, to truly add value you need to install fixtures and designs that have long lasting appeal. This can be an expensive renovation – why not install something that you will love for years instead of choosing something that will be out of style next season?

This Virginia home improvement is something best handled by the professionals. When plumbing and electrical are involved (as they are with both kitchen and bathroom renovations), an experienced contractor provides the best service and will ensure your project is up to code and installed safely.

Decks and Other Outdoor Landscaping

Not as pricey as a new kitchen or bathroom, decks also add to the value of your home in a monetary sense, as well as in day to day living. Provide your family with a comfortable outdoor living space and dress up the front and back door with landscaping and backyard structures.

An expert deck builder will design and build your dream deck using either lumber of composite products. Features such as overhead pergolas, hot tubs and privacy screens can make this spot an outdoor oasis, delivering a return on your investment that can be enjoyed every warm summer day this year.

With the help of a Virginia home improvement contractor you can design and complete a remodeling or renovation project that will provide great returns. Perfect for a better quality of life and to increase the resale value of your home, jobs like a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation and deck installation offer good returns in your pocket and for your lifestyle. Make the move today and invest your money wisely.

Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Virginia Siding Installation Contractor

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virginia_sidingSiding is available in a number of different materials and brands, from vinyl to concrete, wood and aluminum. A siding installation contractor is a specialist that knows the specifics on how to handle each different type. You’ll find a lot of companies that offer Virginia siding installation, but not as many that truly know what they’re doing.

How can you find those treasured expert installers amidst the selection of others? By avoiding these top five mistakes that homeowners commonly make that may leave them with a substandard product and/or installation.

1) Getting Less Than Three Estimates

You may have an iron clad referral from a trusted friend, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting at least three estimates from different Virginia Siding installers. Not only will this allow you to better compare the professionalism of each company, overall price and the level of pre-sale service, but having a three estimate minimum will stop you from making impulsive decisions about who to hire.

2) Not Checking the References of Contractors In the Running

When you’ve narrowed down the playing field and think you have a winner, be sure to ask for references that include past customers you can speak directly to. Once you have those names, by all means call them. Visit the house and have a close look at the siding installation job, if at all possible. This is the only way you can truly get a sense of what to expect from this contractor.

3) Not Checking For Local Licensing and Insurance Coverage

You’ve likely called local contractors, but it’s worth checking to be sure that the contractor you’re interested in is licensed to work in your area. Find out if they are a member of any local builder’s associations or BBB chapters. It’s also a good idea to get the name of their insurance company, just to make sure they are covered by a local agent that’s close at hand should anything go wrong.

4) Falling For Offers to “Install At Cost”

It’s commonly seen after a natural disaster has caused widespread damage, but fly by night contractors are always roaming around looking for a few homeowners to hook. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is and you’re best to avoid it.

Often these cheaper than the industry average companies ask for a sizeable deposit or payment in full up front, which should be an immediate red flag to homeowners. A deposit is normal, but paying more than half of the total price before any work is done is not necessary.

5) Not Asking For a Lien Waiver When All is Said and Done

Because of the job’s size, your siding installer may put a lien on the contract from the beginning to protect his/her investment in the labor and materials of the job. After completion that lien is waived to remove it from your home and close the job off completely. Some homeowners forget to have that final step done and end up with a hassle when time comes to sell. It’s a small step, but one that causes major headaches if it gets missed.

Hiring the right Virginia siding installation contractor can be a longer than expected process. But you’ll be much happier with the final result when you take the time to find the best siding industry expert around.

Navigating the Waters of Washington DC Real Estate

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washington_dc_real_estatePurchasing a home in any location can be a complicated procedure that creates unique stress and challenges. Purchasing a home in the city that is the foundation of our nation presents a completely distinct set of challenges that require you to have the help of an industry expert. When shopping for Washington DC real estate you are wisest to get a special kind of realtor on your side.

Builders Know Homes, Realtors Know Properties

It’s a common misunderstanding that states you can only buy a newly built home from a builder. There is a special breed of realtors out there in Washington DC who have established real estate services allowing them to put their industry use to work for you.

By employing the services of a local builder who has worked with the building departments, planning and countless neighbors in the area you can get a better view on what is out there.

That realtor will allow their professional real estate experience to filter out properties that suit your needs. Then, by tapping into their expertise as a builder, these Washington DC realtors will also be able to gauge the condition of the existing home.

It’s All About Perspective

One of the incredible talents that remodeling contractors have is the ability to envision. They can walk into a home and see the necessary renovations laid out in front of them. This skill will also serve you well when house hunting.

Most often you will not find a house for sale that fits every need your family has. You’re much more likely to find a home that addresses most of your requirements, but still needs a bit of work, either aesthetically or structurally. When you have the services of a builder on your side these changes can be handled wisely.
Allow your experienced builder/realtor to gauge the cost of repairs. Before that step, ask the builder whether the home is worth saving at all.

Let’s assume your ideal Washington DC real estate investment would be a four-bedroom home with a playroom and a large kitchen. Having a builder will allow you to narrow down the field a bit to homes that not only have those specifications, but those that could have them with only a little bit of work.

Adding a bedroom, for instance, is something that may need to take the building code or NFPA into account. There may be certain homes that have the hidden potential to be your dream house but require the attention of a renovation expert to uncover it.

City of Secrets?

Experienced builders also know secrets about the homes they’ve worked on or the neighborhoods they’ve worked in. Not necessarily political tidbits, but important information nonetheless about the digging conditions, the local services, grading and other elements of an area that can only be known by building there.

Think it’s not important what type of soil a house is built on or whether the neighbors have had trouble with the water table? These are the things that can help you choose a home with the least amount of surprises. Combine that with the home that has the most potential and this unique builder/realtor has just helped you locate the most suitable Washington DC real estate available.