Virginia Hardwood – Discover the Staying Power of New Hardwood Floors

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virginia hardwoodA vast majority of flooring design in the USA is compressed boarding over floor joists with basements below. The ideal type of product should be the more traditional solid 3/4″ Virginia hardwood that will stand the test of time, providing it’s receives proper attention of time.

These flooring materials can be redone on a regular basis. In some cases color changes can be completed, but requires very knowledgeable professionals.

1 point to consider with Virginia hardwood during renovation is Solid Hardwood and Engineered structures. Some products that are gaining attention would be prefinished engineered. These are built in ply fashion in line with common plywood with an actual hardwood veneer on the surface, commonly called the wear layer.

Wear layers tend to be different from one prefinished creator to the next. Something to look out for when deciding on an engineered product is often the thickness of the veneer or wear layer. Many manufacturers create thin and thicker wear layers, the last item having the ability to be refinished. For the most part price will dictate the wear layer thickness.

The number of times an engineered hardwood may be resurfaced is often a concern for those that intend on living with their new hardwood floor more than 10-20 years, but could depend on what you decide as needing refinishing. Minor scratches, dings and dents add to the overall style of hardwood flooring. Some may enjoy the new character of an aged floor, others may not.

If you’re out to find near perfection and crave a perfect appearance, your floors may need resurfacing every 3 to 5 years. Opting Into a material with the thickest wear layer is something to consider. Most of the better engineered hardwoods have veneer thicknesses of 1/8″ and more. With the best general contractors and a flat subfloor your hardwood floor can be successfully resurfaced at least two or three times. Color changes may reduce this number.

Engineered products (minimal if any expansion and contraction) than solid hardwood due mainly to the fact that the method of their design. They are recommended for in floor radiant heating systems also. No matter the path you take, installing wood floors into your is a bold but intelligent move for securing the value of your household and adding to the equity.

You’ll have fewer problems than with carpet which will save you money in the long run. Over the years, depending on how long you stay in the home (or if you sell at a high price) the floors will eventually pay for themselves.

Virginia hardwood ideally should not be placed as a method for increasing value however. While it will last for many years and return your investment through savings you should always remember the visual appeal and comfort it will apply to your home. With some very basic remodeling with a general contractor you can renew your home from “modern and dull” to “rustic with character”.

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