Exciting Trends in Virginia Flooring: Hickory & Cypress

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Ancient wisdom states that there is a time for all things and as autumn comes to our fair state once again, our home improvement projects tend to focus more on the indoors. Winter is just around the corner and if your flooring is starting to show its age, you may want to consider repairs or replacement of your current flooring. The chances of pulling up your carpeting to uncover a century old slab of marble are pretty remote. If elegance is the goal for your home in Virginia, hardwood floors are probably going to suit your taste.

The material options for new flooring are vast, even after you decide on the hardwood category. Traditionally, oak, maple, and cherry woods are the hardwoods of choice for creating a stunning floor, but new developments have allowed several other types of wood to become prominent. Two common woods that have become quite fashionable are cypress and hickory

Cypress Flooring

Cypress flooring can be a little tough to spot if you do not know what to look for. Many mistake it for a knotty pine, which is understandable because cypress trees are a species of pine, but there are several advantages that the earthier tones of cypress wood provide:

· The subtle, multihued nature of the wood makes it much more compatible with other types of wood. Your dining room furniture need not match exactly to achieve a matching look.

· The swirls and knots in the wood allow the floor to withstand substantial wear without showing damage. Too many high gloss, standard hardwood floors suffer from blatant blemishes when lit by the glare of the sun.

· Cypress wood has a blonde base, but with darker brown knots and currents that permeate the grain pattern, which gives a room a more open feeling even when contrasted with darker colors on the walls and cabinets. By showcasing the natural color of the cypress wood with a clear-coat, you can avoid some of the extra finishing steps that come with multiple stains and glazes.

· Cypress wood is actually harder than Red Oak.

Hickory Flooring

The past five years or so have seen a huge rise in the popularity of hickory wood. It has several qualities that have made it a hardwood of choice over traditional oaks, maples and cherries:

· A common saying among hardwood flooring specialists is, “Hickory floors are like khaki pants, they go with everything.” Like the aforementioned cypress, hickory exhibits several shades of browns and tans that make it almost impossible for any stain or species of cabinet wood to clash with.

· Hickory has a long standing reputation of resilience and durability. For most of American history, the preferred wood for axe handles was hickory, which speaks to its utility.

Some doubt may be cast on the fashionability of these unique flooring trends. They say that trends come and go hickory and cypress with them. Certainly there are individuals who dislike the knotty nature or golden tones of cypress, or maybe they think that the color in hickory varies too much. One must remember when confronted with these arguments that there is more to the floor than the color; hickory and cypress have become popular Virginia flooring hardwoods mostly because of their durability.


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