Virginia Siding – I’m Stucco On You

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stucco-virginia-sidingIf you’re looking for a great way to update the exterior of your home to add that ever-delightful curb appeal and boost the value of a home, then Virginia siding is probably one of the most intelligent options you can go for, and you don’t even have to stick to the same old vinyl siding that everyone jumps on.

Be brave, venture out of the norm a bit and consider opting for stucco siding on your home. It may a bit of an eccentric choice but who can resist the style and flare that a nice smooth stucco wall can add to your home.

It’s done by pouring a special cement mix over a lathe or wire mesh frame, where mesh is the more common choice for many installs. Generally stucco gets finished with an acrylic finish that reinforces the final coat and protects it. The polymer expands and shifts with the temperature to prevent cracking and splitting in the cement. Read more…

Shinging a Light on Your Virginia Vinyl Siding

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virginia-vinyl-sidingThere are few subjects in the arena of home remodeling that draw more battle lines as sharp as Virginia siding – in particular vinyl siding. Those who support the concept of vinyl love the fact that it never needs painting while detractors insist that a house should only ever be covered with wood.

As far as building materials go, vinyl is relatively “new” as it was introduced in the late 50’s as a substitute for aluminum siding. Despite its versatility in many conditions now, it received a tarnishes reputation in the early days due to the fact that it cracked, faded buckled and was prone to sagging. Read more…

Virginia Real Estate – Buying Into Foreclosures

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virginia-real-estateA great way to locate investment property is to start going through foreclosure listing with a Virginia real estate agent. Keep in mind however that foreclosures, just like other home purchases, need sound research before an investment is made. It’s extremely easy to burn yourself on a bad investment. While it may seem like a sound idea, there are some drawbacks to investing in real estate of any kind. Read more…

Virginia Home Remodeling Ideas – Adapting for Winter

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winter-virginia-home-remodelingIf the weather that we’re getting lately is any indication of the season to come, then it’s high time to start prepping for a bundled up winter in Virginia. That also means that we’re going to have less opportunity to tackle those Virginia home improvement projects on our homes – at least the ones that involve the great outdoors, the patio, the deck, replacement windows, etc.

Preparation for colder weeks to come isn’t limited to just buying a new down jacked and water proof boots for the season. You can turn your remodeling attention inside and start thinking about some of the more simple renovations you can do to the interior of the home. It’s all about making sure that your home is cozy and comfortable for the blizzard-enveloped holidays and in Virginia, a few simple remodel ideas can do just that for your home. Now is the best time to start gearing up for those winter renovations. Read more…