Virginia Home Improvement – Enclosing Your Patio for Perfect Outdoor Living

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There are few homeowners that fathom the potential that their backyard Virginia patio has. When most homeowners start thinking about home improvement ideas for their Virginia home, they’re a bit stuck on the inside – usually on little details to improve the overall feel. Many don’t stop to consider that the outside of the home is just as important as the inside.

You drab, boring old patio has an unlimited source of untapped potential that can be transformed into one of the greatest investments that will breathe life back into the value of your property. Potential buyers dig convenience and visual appeal – a patio home improvement project can certainly deliver.

enclosed-virginia-patioA fantastic option to transform the patio space is by turning your open air patio into a patio room that is fully enclosed. With this type of upgrade, you’re not only adding to the value, but you’ve created a multi-seasonal area that your family and friends can enjoy with you for years to come.

Is there a different between a patio room, a sun room and a patio enclosure? Those are just a few of the fancy names given. You can expect to hear other references like conservatory (Colonel Mustard anyone?) or sunroom, even solarium. These are just a few of the terms contractors use to spice up their home additions that enclose the patio. It just sounds better than calling it an “enclosure”. That sounds like something out of Jurassic Park.

For the most part, a sunroom or solarium (even conservatory) refers to a patio enclosure that is predominantly glass and stay enclosed year round. This is what you would call the crýme de la crýme of patio sun room additions in Virginia. If that’s not for you (and it doesn’t fit the budget of your home improvement project) then a screened or walled patio is probably a more appropriate option.

Whichever route you take, the patio is a very small investment of time and money that comes back at a Virginia homeowners with big rewards. These are one of the hottest remodel projects on the market and general contractors are stretching themselves thin to get regular installs of patio enclosures put into place.

One of the biggest reasons that they’re so popular is because they are so cost effective and require so little installation time. The extent of the work is minimal which makes it an ideal project for any homeowner, keeping the costs minimal with a Virginia general contractor.

Compared to some of the larger jobs, it’s obvious to see why this is one of the more appropriate options for any homeowner in Virginia looking to setup a new patio. This is a straightforward job, and it’s easy to see why – when you’re looking for a new home improvement project that provides more living space – the enclosed patio is clearly a top-shelf option.

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