The Virginia Paint Company – To DIY or Not To DIY

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virginia-paint-companyWhether you’re looking an interior or an exterior job, painting is a task that not many people will inevitably try to tackle on their own. DIY painting has a stigma for being easy, however many that try to paint their Virginia home usually regret the results and end up calling in a professional Virginia paint company.

It’s ok to be disappointed with the results, and yeah those mistakes can cost a little money but it’s a great learning experience for homeowners as they understand what kind of work it takes to make a home really beautiful.

Having a professional paint company handle your interior and exterior painting can be a great idea, as anyone who’s painted on their own can attest that sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you’ve planned – often from an aesthetic point of view.

Either way, there are a lot of things to consider before you jump ahead with any interior or exterior painting project, particularly whether or not it’s worth doing on your own or if you should hire on a painter to handle it for you. The last thing you need is a repeat of your previous painting debacle, right?

Interior painting tends to be a little easier for the DIY painter, mainly because it’s rare for ladders to be involved and there’s no real exposure to the elementals. Unfortunately it’s never as simple as just getting some paint and tools. If you’re not going to go with professional painters then you need to research your paint choices, look into proper wall prep, taping techniques, etc.

A single room project from prep to completion might take a professional paint crew about two days depending on the room. For you to prep the room on your own and then paint it around your busy schedule you could take up to a week, perhaps even more if you have a lot of interruptions.

An exterior project could take even longer, not to mention there’s the danger involved of scaling ladders to paint the hard to reach places on your home. The tools and paints for exterior application can get a little pricey, and if you make an error it could take a lot of time to fix the mistakes.

Before you jump into going it alone, take the time to research the total cost of doing the project yourself – interior or exterior. Get a handful of estimates from a Virginia paint company or three and compare those estimates to the hours and expenses of doing the job on your own. True eliminating labor cost may bring some financial advantage but consider the cost of your own time and how much free time will be lost, especially if you have to go back and fix costly mistakes that you made.

Protect your home and investment by making an informed decisions on your next painting project in your home (our outside of it)


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