Sunrooms & Solarflares – The Benefits Of A Virginia Sunroom Addition

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virginia-sunroom-glassThere’s a certain moment in the middle of a Summer’s day when you want to step outside and enjoy the cool air, perhaps in the evening as the day is winding down – if you’ve got a Virginia sunroom then you have the perfect place to do that without any inconvenience.

The sunroom becomes a place where you can settle back, read a paper and enjoy your morning coffee with the perfect view of your garden – and you’re able to enjoy that space without getting any outside dirt on your work slacks or sleeves.

Turn to any outdoor contractor and you’ll all see them pitching a similar marketing phrase for a sunroom addition as a home improvement project – “bringing the outdoors in”.  A sunroom is certainly a satisfying way to bring together both desire and comfort where you can indeed enjoy the outside from the inside of your home. Read more…

Virginia Home Improvement – Enclosing Your Patio for Perfect Outdoor Living

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There are few homeowners that fathom the potential that their backyard Virginia patio has. When most homeowners start thinking about home improvement ideas for their Virginia home, they’re a bit stuck on the inside – usually on little details to improve the overall feel. Many don’t stop to consider that the outside of the home is just as important as the inside.

You drab, boring old patio has an unlimited source of untapped potential that can be transformed into one of the greatest investments that will breathe life back into the value of your property. Potential buyers dig convenience and visual appeal – a patio home improvement project can certainly deliver.

enclosed-virginia-patioA fantastic option to transform the patio space is by turning your open air patio into a patio room that is fully enclosed. With this type of upgrade, you’re not only adding to the value, but you’ve created a multi-seasonal area that your family and friends can enjoy with you for years to come.

Is there a different between a patio room, a sun room and a patio enclosure? Those are just a few of the fancy names given. You can expect to hear other references like conservatory (Colonel Mustard anyone?) or sunroom, even solarium. These are just a few of the terms contractors use to spice up their home additions that enclose the patio. It just sounds better than calling it an “enclosure”. That sounds like something out of Jurassic Park.

For the most part, a sunroom or solarium (even conservatory) refers to a patio enclosure that is predominantly glass and stay enclosed year round. This is what you would call the crýme de la crýme of patio sun room additions in Virginia. If that’s not for you (and it doesn’t fit the budget of your home improvement project) then a screened or walled patio is probably a more appropriate option. Read more…

3 Principals of Virginia Basement Remodeling

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virginia-basement1Your Virginia basement doesn’t have to be just another under appreciated and poorly decorated space. Who says your basement is limited to storage? You can renew that space and turn into something that’s for more usable, making it a living space worthy of being part of your home. All you need to do is stick to three common principles when remodeling your basement

Keep in mind that if your basement has never received any treatment at all then you’re going to need to the basics before you can move on with really customizing the area. You’ll need to start with finishing insulation and drywall, as exposed pipes and concrete isn’t a space that’s ready for creative design. Read more…

Virginia Deck Installation – A Superior Return On Investment

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deck_50Virginia residents might be all about business but they’ve got a side that loves to relax just as much as anyone else and one of the best places to do that is on a newly finished and installed deck from a Virginia deck contractor.

Whether it’s dining outdoors or entertaining friends and family there’s nothing like the recreational space of a deck to increase the enjoyment of your home.  The improved modern deck plans available with a contractor today can even improve the living space around your home.

If you’ve given it any thought you more than likely have a good idea of what you would want your deck to look like and where you’d put it.  Unfortunately a lot more goes into the deck design than just the way it looks.  That’s why it can be handy to have a general contractor take care of that for you.

Along with the general choices of which material to use for your deck (wood or composite) your installation will include a variety of methods for bracing and joisting the deck, potential insets and of course making sure the entire installation is following codes and local laws for additions on your home.

Thankfully with a general contractor handling your deck installation you don’t really need to worry about all the extra crap that goes into the work.  The contractor can handle the specifics and you can worry about making sure the design is right and you’re happy with the final job.

Most importantly, know what you want out of the final finished deck that you’re going to have.  As the average life of a deck is over 20 years, it’s something that you’ll have to live with for a long time.  Couple the potential age with the fact that you’ll be shelling out somewhere in the range of $5000 to $25000 and it’s easy to see why you want to give this a lot of thought.

Don’t let the price tag scare you away however as a good sized deck intended for entertainment and family gathering can greatly increase the value of your home both in the overall value as well as the value that you get back from your investment.

The return is immediate, as you’ll be able to spend  a lot more time enjoying your outdoor space at a reasonable cost.  The return of your investment in the case of a deck is upwards of 70%.  When you compare this with the return on a bathroom remodel or any other kinds of addition you’re looking at only a 60% return on the investment in many cases (depending on the scope of work)

Having a new deck installed by a Virginia deck contractor may cost you just a touch more in the end, but the quality of work will be enjoyed for years to come and a potential buyer for your home at a later date will certainly appreciate the fine detail and attention paid to a proper installation.