Virginia Painters Can Simplify A Daunting Task

Filed Under: Painting    by: Steve Kayhill

paint-house-paintAsk any new home buyer what the worst task is when moving into a new home, and they will tell you repainting the walls and ceilings. The prep work alone takes hours: taping the trim, putting plastic on the floor and furniture, moving the furniture out of the room, rolling up carpets, and more.  You don’t just need Virginia painters for color changes, sometimes there is repair work, smoke damage, spackle, or even drywall.  While this is a terrible task, hiring a Virginia paint company can help spare your patience and your knees.

Hiring a Virginia paint company is not always the first thought to cross your mind when you realize you need to paint.  Usually it is deciding what color you want to make the walls.  But as you start to plan what colors to use, and what type of paint, and what fixtures, settings and supplies to use, you start to wonder if you are even capable of doing it yourself in the first place.    It is worth the money for   Virginia painters just to save yourself the time and effort required.  And if you hire someone they will help you all along the way.   

While you may not be the best at matching paint, furniture and colors, a Virginia paint company can help with that.  Sometimes the colors on one of those little pieces of paper they give you seem virtually same.  Which one matches yoru colors?  Your paint company will tell you.  They will know if you need a primer, or if it is better to use a different kind of paint for indoors than outdoors.

They can even make sure to get enough paint at once that they will achieve a uniform mix, rather than going back and trying to match up mixed paint later.  Virginia painters have vast experience painting rooms in a variety of colors, while you may not have done so in years!

The prep work is also an area that an experienced hand can help with.  How many wall tracks have you ruined because a drop spilled on your wood frame, or you accidently swiped an outlet while hurrying to get done?  A Virginia paint company can use this experience to properly prepare all surfaces.

If they need to move that antique china cabinet or chest out of the room, they can take care of it while you watch television in another room.  They can ensure fixtures are taken off properly so that no one electrocutes themselves or damages delicate trim.  It is much easier to paint correctly and uniformly the first time, rather than go back and try to fix it later.  Your Virginia painters will ensure that it is done correctly, the first time.

Let your Virginia paint company do the hard work while you think about easier things like redecorating the room afterward.  They may even have some tips for décor!  You can even recommend them to a friend to get yourself out of painting their house too after seeing the beautiful work done in yours.  Use  Virginia painters and save yourself the headaches of doing it yourself.


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