The Modern Benefits Of A Virginia Sunroom

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two_story_sunroomIn projects from construction to photography, a lot of though is put into light, creating light and its applications.  Sometimes people forget about the natural light delivered right to your home every day from the sun.  The Romans knew this, leaving their atrium open to the sun and sky.

Adding a Virginia sunroom is a way to capitalize on this free heat and light so that you can enjoy the bounty of the sun.  When building a sunroom, there are many ways to increase your enjoyment and make the most of the light of nature.

There are many uses for a sunroom in Virginia from professional, to decorative, social to solitary.  Since space is capital in American homes, you’ll want to design the room for maximum usefulness.  Having a room to entertain guests is great, but if you can also use it for reading, cookouts, or even rainy day nature watching, you’ll want to include those thoughts into the original design.  Your new sunroom can do all of this and more, expanding your ability to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of indoors.

There are many ways you can construct a sunroom for maximum effectiveness.  Some people simply want large picture windows to enjoy the beauty and majesty of their property.  Others will want to encase the entire room in glass, to maximize the effect of the suns exposure.   Remember however that while some sun is wonderful, too much can be detrimental.  Imagine trying to entertain guests while the sun is shining past you.

Careful balance between light and shadow can turn this room into a real pleasure. And remember that weather will also affect your sunroom so prepare for the worst, just like in any other room in your house.  Balance the potential benefits of your new sunroom with your families habits, the weather in you region, and the purposes you have in mind.

Consider maintenance of your sunroom before you begin, to ensure all of the elements work together.  If you plan to have a lot of windows, make sure the furniture you put in the room is not going to fade in the sun.  Your contractor can help you choose furniture that is not responsive to direct and indirect sun.  Also consider the cleaning of these windows; If you are not going to maintain them, they may be partially obscured.  Choose windows that are easy to clean, like ones that flip in for easy cleaning.

Heating can also be a concern in the wintertime.  Remember to choose windows that are properly insulated, and consider other energy conservative elements if you are going to heat this room all year long.  That being said however, there are advantages to sitting in your warm sunroom while the snow falls outside.  Grab a camera and enjoy!

Finally if you want to enjoy the air as well as the sun, choose screens that are easy to replace in the windows, and make sure the door to the rest of the house is well insulated.

Ancient cultures respected the power of the sun, and so can you in a new sunroom.  Let the planning stage excite you as you consider what you could do to maximize on the new possibilities.  Get some new binoculars for birdwatching, pick out some furniture that enhances natural themes or hang pictures of the family pets out in the yard.  Your new sunroom lets just a little bit of the beauty of nature into the homes of people.

With a little consideration, you can make sure your family can enjoy this room for decades, and use nature as your wallpaper.  Once you have finished your plans for your Virginia sunroom, make sure to contact a landscaper so that you can beautify what you see on the outside of the room, just like you did the inside.


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