Choosing Floor Material For Your Virginia Patio

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virginia-patioThe way you design your Virginia patio is crucial to how well it holds up and the way it can be used by friends and family. Even if you have a pre-existing patio it can be updated to make sure that it fits your needs and uses. Proper patio design has to take into account the environment, the climate, the area in which you live and of course you want to make sure that your Virginia patio can be used year round.

The first part of Virginia patio design is to make a list of what you expect or want to get out of the build. Is it going to be used primarily for relaxation and recouping, or will you turn your patio into a workspace for other projects that are just too messy inside the house? Will it be holding a hottub? Will it be exposed to a lot of moisture or a lot of feet? Is it a fair weather patio or to be used all year round?

If you can answer all of these questions you should be able to piece together a clear understanding of what your Virginia patio will be used for and what you want to get out of the entire arrangement. From there you can start researching the kind of materials that will best suit your needs to make sure that the patio will have a long life without a lot of frustrating maintenance. We all want to get the maximum return on an investment, especially where remodeling and construction are concerned.

There is a variety of choices in what you can use for materials in your Virginia patio. Popular choices tend to fall on Concrete, Wood and Stone Pavers. All of these are easy to install and aren’t too heavy on the budget depending on the size of the project.

Concrete can be relatively cheap and easy to mix as well as install. The concrete is very durable and it’s the type of surface most people prefer for outdoor projects that see a lot of powertools and sawdust. It’s not the most comforting choice for a relaxing outdoor spot however and will require some maintenance over time if it starts to crack due to cold weather and moisture.

Lumber is a great choice for a Virginia patio as the wood can last for quite some time as long as it’s installed and maintained properly. The wood requires a lot more care than the other types of patio flooring but you can’t really beat the look and ambiance created by using a well-toned lumber in a Virginia patio.

Lastly, the stone patio offers another durable option that can be rather attractive depending on the customization and patterns chosen. Stone pavers can be used in a variety of ways in a Virginia patio to provide almost limitless design. They’re typically a little on the pricey side for high quality stone pavers but they deliver unparalleled durability to a landscape.


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