The Many Benefits Of Remodeling Your Virginia Home

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home-remodeling-in-virginiaRemodeling your home in Virginia can have a wide variety of benefits. First, when the job is done, you have a beautiful new living space to enjoy. That is something everyone will enjoy, and you can feel confident in having people over to show off your brilliant new home improvement.

Secondly, your home itself increases in value. Property values are pretty competitive in Virginia, and a new home improvement could put your home ahead of the pack. There are many different ways to remodel your home, from the small fixes to full-blown additions.

The kitchen is always a good place to start. New counters and cabinets could add a big value to your home. If your appliances are more than five or six years old when you list your home, it is probably a wise idea to invest in new ones. The payoff could be quite surprising. Read more…

Expand Your Living Space Down With A Virginia Basement

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virginia-basement-remodeledRemodeling the basement in your Virginia home can be exciting and rewarding in numerous ways. It is a natural choice when choosing a project, because of the relative ease of getting good results for the money.

It is always the smart plan to pick a reputable contractor for your home improvement jobs, if you are not handy yourself. Choosing the right one takes a little effort on your part. Checking credentials, contacting previous clients, etc, is all necessary to prevent a situation that leaves you with no money and an unfinished project. Read more…

Prepping Your Virginia Deck For New Stain

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virginia-deck-stainStep your Virginia deck up to the next level by sprucing up and rekindling luster in the surface. You can add color and protection to the aged material by adding a new layer of semi-transparent stain to your deck.

Before you can apply any new coats of semi-transparent stain, you’ll need to prep the entire deck otherwise the stain won’t take to the wood. Start by sweeping your deck of any loose debris, dirt, sand etc. Next, use a pressure washer to hammer away any of the grains or bits that are stuck to the duck or dwelling within in the cracks. Read more…

Customizing Your Virginia Deck – Add A Little Fire And Flare

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virginia-deck-and-fire-pitThe backyard can be a haven for a lot of families, as it offers a way to section yourself off from the world while still enjoying nature and getting a bit of fresh air. Our backyard affords a lot of privacy that many of us crave with the ability to be completely customized, and that’s apparent in how we build and customize the Virginia deck.

Of course I talk about it like it’s a specific style of deck, but it’s really not. It’s more of a way of life. The old fashioned deck was a big square block of lumber with some steps leading down into the yard. It offered very little in versatility or adaptability and it certainly wasn’t the poster-child for “outdoor fun”. Read more…