Caring For Your Northern Virginia Deck

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deck_50From decks in Virginia to decks in California, decks across the nation cry out with one united voice:  “Don’t forget maintenance!”  While having a deck installed may seem like a one time Virginia deck builder project, all decks require maintenance, making them more then just a one time consideration.

By taking time to do the following steps, you can ensure that your northern Virginia deck stays as beautiful as the day it was built. Read more…

Beyond Building: Decorating your Northern Virginia Deck

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deck55You’ve finally decided to take a look at the custom decks in Virginia and you realize that you’re tired of looking:  you want to hire a deck construction group in Virginia to build you a deck.

While it’s taken you awhile to come to this decision, this is the first of many decisions you’ll make regarding your northern Virginia deck.

Below are a few things you’ll want to think about once your Virginia deck has been installed. Read more…

Building Beyond Basic: Add Flair to your Deck or Patio

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deck21It’s a common problem:  you love the outdoors but your significant other doesn’t.  You don’t mind if a bug or two nibbles on you as long as you can get out there and enjoy that fresh air but your significant other wants nothing to do with nature’s critters.  Instead of hanging up your outdoor dreams, you might want to check out the custom decks in Virginia, specifically the screened patio.

Although a screened patio is technically not a Virginia deck, it does function as an outdoor area where people can congregate.  A patio, unlike a Virginia deck, is made up of paver stones, typically ranging from brick to concrete or asphalt stones.  If you decide to do a screened in patio and you don’t already have an existing patio, there are dozens of paver stone styles, shapes and colors to choose from.
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Virginia Hardwood Floors – Simplified

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hardwood_floorYou’ve made the decision that you simply have to have hardwood flooring for your Virginia floor.  You’ve seen it in many of your neighbor’s homes, you remember growing up with it, and most importantly, you love the rich warm glow it can give your home.  Now that you’ve got your heart set on hardwood flooring, here are a few facts about it that are important for any future Virginia hardwood floor owner to know. Read more…