What to Look for in Virginia Replacement Windows.

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When shopping for Virginia replacement windows, there is more than just price that should influence your decision. Make sure you have the following features (or something comparable) in your replacement windows to ensure energy efficiency and reliability.

1) Make sure your new windows are at least double pane and are reinforced to the frame work.
2) Your window panes should be coated with LoE to help keep harmful UV rays from piercing through the glass. This will also help maintain the temperature in your house, helping reduce energy bills.
3) Argon gas (or something of its equivalent) is probably the most important feature in your window. This property in between the panes of glass will keep the heat/AC in your house and the outside temperature from entering. Your energy bills will look very light!
4) The Tilt feature. Pick a window where the panes can be tilted for ease of cleaning.
5) Ventilation locks will allow you to open your window a small amount, for ventilation and will maintain intruders from opening the window.
6) You are purchasing a better quality window if it is made of pure, virgin vinyl. Recycled vinyl tends to have a shorter life span.

Make sure you pick a qualified replacement window company to install your custom windows. Proper installation will ensure your windows last for a long time. If you are looking for great Northern Virginia replacement windows click here!

7 Things to Keep In Mind When Designing and Building a Virginia Deck.

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When investing in a Virginia deck or screened porch, there are several factors to keep in mind before you hire that Virginia deck builder:

1) Skimping on size is the biggest mistake people make when they design a deck. Think of the deck as an extension of your home.
2) Plan sufficiently for evening cookouts, or parties with friends and relatives. Be sure there’s enough room for adults and kids to separate for their own, often socially incompatible, pursuits.
3) Map out the layout of all your deck furniture; make sure there is ample room to get by tables, benches, grills, hot tub ect.
4) If you entertain a lot, design your deck with nooks and corners to encourage small groups of people to congregate or to provide romantic spots for couples.
5) Add a wide railing top around the deck to ensure people have a place to set their drinks or plates of food.
6) If your limited to space and need to make the most of a small deck, make sure to add railings around even if you aren’t required to for height considerations. People tend to not use the outside two feet of deck if there is no railing.
7) Try your best to place your grill near the door that leads to the kitchen. And just as you would do indoors; put the dining table close to the kitchen.

If you do your homework and seek the right Virginia home remodeling company, they should assist you with sorting out deck designs and accommodating your needs.   Click here for a great Virginia deck designer!

Why Look for a Virginia Deck or Screened Porch Builder During the Winter You Ask?

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Well there are actually several benefits to exploring Virginia Deck Builders now rather than later. Below are a couple reasons:

  • When looking to invest in a deck or screened porch, make sure you give yourself ample time to create several deck plans and options.
  • Regardless of what you hear business is always slower for all Virginia contractors during the Winter. Take advantage of our cheaper prices and keep us busy!
  • Many homeowners don’t realize that in lots of cases, they must get approval from their Home Owners Association (HOA).  Some HOA’s can take up to 10 weeks to approve your application. If you do the math, that deck you planned for in the Winter months will probably get built more towards Spring (we wish we could build em for you overnight).

Don’t let another Summer pass, there are plenty of Virginia deck builders who are eager to give you a free consultation.