Home Additions in Virginia – When Zoning Is An Issue

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home-additions-in-virginia2If you’re a seasoned home owner then you know how easy it is to outgrow your home and find that you’re quickly running out of space. It’s hard to admit that you’re accumulating too much stuff, or even too many family members (sometimes they won’t go away). Either way, you eventually need to acquire more space and home additions in Virginia are a great way to get more space out of your home.

Some people have a mind for internal renovation where they put down new carpet, remodel the kitchen to make new space or paint to open the rooms up but you might want to put those bandaids on hold while your tackle something that will truly benefit you - the home addition

It’s understandable that you want your kitchen taken care of, after all its been ugly for years. What’s a few more? Wouldn’t it suit you and your family better to finally add that extra bedroom and bathroom combination to your home? You might even say to hell with the family and add a new office to your home so you have the ideal work space. There’s a lot that can be done with a new addition.

Many homeowners run into a barrier of concerns though, and the greatest concern is often that they believe they don’t have the space for any homer additions without sacrificing too much property space or violating some zoning laws. The fact is, there are easy ways to find out.

Take heart and a relaxation pill in knowing that home additions take up very little room on your property, far less than someone would commonly think. Think about how often you step into a home that looks terribly small yet there seems to be so much room inside. A properly planned addition can take up very little space while providing an entire new living area in your home.

You may feel that you need to have a ridiculous amount of room on your property for this, but you really don’t. You would be surprised with how little yard is taken up by a 20’ home addition to add a large expansion.

If zoning is the issue that you’re hung up on, and you don’t want to violate proximity issues between home, then its best to contact a general contractor and discuss home additions with them. They can work with a survey crew to find out if home remodeling is a good idea on your property or if it would be more appropriate for you to work within your home to improve space.

When you’re starting to hit a ceiling with the amount of space you’ve got available, home additions in Virginia may be the best shot you have short of uprooting your family and moving to a bigger home. Instead of thinking large, go for something smaller and get yourself an addition that will help balance your stuff and the people clinging to you. Either that or you could just toss everyone out and install pool tables.

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